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Greeting everyone, how is your day today? Is been long time didn't active myself and practicing writing a short blog.

"What is TRUE YOU? I am wonder how to defining the words of TRUE YOU and how to find TRUE YOU?

How many of you, when you wake up in the morning, grab your towel and walk to the bathroom. Brushing your teeth and looking at the mirror thinking of yourself. What is your talent? What are your routines? Why am I Unique? What is your engagement? What you do when you are youth? How outspoken you really are? What is your done in universal? If you did, you have found what is "TRUE YOU."

What is "TRUE YOU"?

TRUE YOU is an acronym that represents a sequence of questions for you to consider, designed to help you to connect with those parts of your life that are most important to you. Your answers will allow you to begin building a picture of what brings you alive, and what your gift might be.

7 things about What is "true you."

T - Talents

Many people think talent is something you're born with, some innate ability that you either get by winning the genetic birth lottery or don't get according to how lucky you got when your 1 in 120 trillion conceptions occurred. As we will see later, our understanding of 'chat constitutes talent and how it can be developed and grown is changing dramatically. For the purposes of the TRUE YOU.

Consider 'talents' as something to catch all word that includes strengths and skills. There are two main things to keep in mind when listing what might be your talents. One, is it behavior or activity that you consistently perform at a high level? And two, is it something you enjoy? It is not essential to treat you enjoy it, but you must enjoy some part of it. For example, in your current role, you do a lot of typing which you are very good at. But which you hate because you are typing things that are meaningless may do a to you.

However, if you'd love typing if you were able to write what you wanted. Then typing would certainly constitute one of your talents. If you are struggling to create your list of talents, you may want to include things that you may not have done often but which you learned very quickly when you did get the chance. You might also cast your net a little wider. Talent is any recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied...if you are competitive. This is a talent. If you are charming, this is a talent. If you are persistent, this is a talent.

R - Routines

The routine that you have, which serves you, may well have a kernel of your gift within it. If you have managed to keep up the practice of a routine, be it going to the gym, eating your greens or regularly being creative, it is likely that there is something within the routine that you find pleasurable. It is not yet necessary to identify exactly what it is about the routine that brings you pleasure. This will most likely emerge when considering the routine in the context of the bigger picture of yourself that the process presents. For now, it is sufficient and essential to Identify as many of your empowering habits as possible.

U - Uniqueness

Now consider how your uniqueness shows up in the world. This could be anything from how you like to dress and style your hair through to what you believe about the world, the music you choose to listen to and the political viewpoints to which you ascribe. Obviously, we're all a work in progress, and you may feel there are things about you that are unique for the wrong reasons - big nose, annoying laugh, clumsy - but, for now, focus on the positive and neutral aspects of what makes you unique.

By clarifying the way in which you are unique, a picture starts to emerge of what you value about yourself and of how you choose to interact with the world. This can help you to understand how your purpose how you give your gift may like to show up in the world.

E - Engagement

With whom, with what, where and how to choose to regularly engage? This could be something as simple as touching base with a friend once a week, or it could be something as large as being the director of a charity that promotes a cause that is close to your heart. Perhaps you regularly go to watch your team play sports or play an active role in your local religious community.

Y - Youth

What did you enjoy dairy in your youth? What were your hobbies? What did you most look forward to between the ages of 5 and 15? What did you do a lot of? What were you talented at then that, for whatever reason. You no longer do today? Bringing back into adult life the things that brought joy as a child is one of the most incredible and potentially transformational stuff. The things passionate about youth almost certainly hold vital clues and what gift to the world is.

O - Outspoken

What gets fired up? What creates an emotional response? This could be a positive or negative response. Note down the things about which outspoken. Struggle to think of things, ask friends or family might say. I remember one of my hobbies was looking into the crazy world of conspiracy theories. Back then, if you'd asked my family what I was outspoken about, they'd have told you straight away, probably adding in that I was so outspoken on the subject that I was a painful bore. For you, it might be politics, economics, fashion or the ill-elects of the dominant patriarchy that cause you to be outspoken. Whatever it may be, don't censor yourself. Just keep writing the causes down.

U - Universal

What you think should be universally true. What do you think should be the same for everyone? It's important to get a sense of the kind of core values, and considering what feel ought to be universal in the world is an excellent way to do this. Do you think all healthcare and education should be free? Perhaps you think everyone should have the right to unlimited internet access, or you believe the Sahara Desert should be used as a solar farm to provide cheap electricity for the world. Your universals may be even more straightforward, such as 'everyone should feel loved and supported ' or 'everyone should be able to experience joy.

Learning the "TRUE YOU"

Here, It is possible that you will start to notice some of your routines watts some of the ways that you are unique. That is fine in fact I am a natural part of the process as individual traits and areas of your life are highlighted to TRUE YOU. Essentially engagement is about how you choose to use the energy and time that is available to you. You may or may not wish to consider whatever work you are doing as part of this. The important thing is to note as many dots down as possible from which to harvest a picture of your true self.

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