Last Update: September 14, 2018


Happy Friday everyone in AW. Finally, today is Friday, after long weekdays. What is your plan after work? chill & drink with your best friend? spend time with your family? going out with your lovely girlfriend for movie and dinner? etc...

Singapore - Today is Practice day for all the driver in Formula 1. Look like everyone is heading to town area. Tomorrow, 15th SEP will be qualifying and 16th SEP will be the actual race.

Any F1 Fans here, who love to watch the race?

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marycmiller Premium
Happy Friday to you as well Max. I trust you are a F1 fan, sorry it is Nascar in this household. Hope you have a great weekend. I am busy assisting with a photo shoot in my studio on Saturday and working on WA Sunday while another photographer shoots in my studio. Busy time of the year.
maxlimblog Premium
Likewise, Although is F1 week, but still need to work.
Dygie-Reds Premium
Quite happy Friday to you as well
Kyle Premium Plus
Happy Friday to you as well. Friday night is always family day/night in my house, so should be fun. And can't forget the Live Class that is taking place this evening (hosted by Jay), going to be another good one!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the race!