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Last Update: Jul 23, 2023

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Hey everyone,

Is there anyone who do not value their precious sight?

Well, I sure do!

Two posts ago I wrote about how blessings are awesome and I didn't have an inkling that I was scheduled for another that would bring clarity to my life.

The blessing was continued precious sight, but I had to take prompt action to make it happen.

Let me tell you a little story about my journey because anything worth having requires action.

For those that do not know, I am a top affiliate working with a severe irreversible eye condition called glaucoma. It's one of the health conditions I manage and at times things go wacky.

This time, the eye strain, lack of rest and constant worries took a toll on my body and the malady expressed itself through my eyes full blown.

I was a wreck and I kept it all to myself because I was ashamed of not taking better care of myself.

It wasn't until blood started to ooze from my only good eye, I knew something had to be done right away.

Well, I did journey from the Virgin Islands to Florida with the help of a dear friend to receive medical care which involved a 2 to 3 hours eye surgery.

Thank God it was a success and I am back home in recovery.


As a result, my plans to participate in the Super Affiliate Challenge 2019 can not be done. I will continue the training at a comfortable pace though.

As I withdraw graciously effective today from the Super Affiliate Challenge 2019, my advice to all affiliates is to take care of their precious sight.

Without sight your dreams will be harder to accomplish.

Thank you for understanding and reading with me today.

Blessings always


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Maxine, we are so relieved to hear that you had a surgery and we hope that you heal up quickly and have a good result.
Eyes are so precious!
It is important to use them wisely because you do not want to strain them. Just work at your own pace and know that we are all thinking of you and wishing you the very best.
Love and hugs,
C & P

Thank you for the love and hugs Colette and Philip.

Best wishes to both of you also.

These are exciting times and the movement is onwards and upwards with our health.


I’m sorry Maxine. Thank goodness that you are better and recovering. It makes you stop and think how something like that can stop you from your everyday routine of things.

I believe the great motivational speaker, Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t have your health, then you have nothing.”.

It’s so important to look after ourselves first and sometimes that’s easy to forget. Just happy to hear that you’re eye is healing.

God bless,

Thank you Renee, much appreciated.

Health comes first.

Onwards and Upwards.


Hi Maxine, thanks for letting us know your story and i am so pleased that you are on the road to recovery. You are quite right that sight is so precious and needs to be cared for at all times. My wife has glaucoma, currently not as bad as you so I really do sympathise. Great that you were able to get treatment though, what a great friend you have, give them our blessings also. Look after yourself Maxine as health is the only thing worth protecting at all costs. With respect, the WA challenge can come at any time in the future but without your sight........

Thank you Hudson for the support.

Certainly you are correct. There will be other challenges and health comes first.

Precious sight is the game changer.

Onwards and Upwards.


Good Morning Maxine,

That was a frightening story with a happy ending. Health comes before anything else. You know that Lutein, Zeaxanthin and the Nitrates from leafy greens are a must to keep your eyes healthy.
You might also consider having a good detox so your body gets new energy to heal itself

Thinking of you, with a big Hug, Taetske.

Good morning Taetske,

So good to hear from you with a tablefull of treats for my eyes.

The only one I have not tried is Zeaxanthin I will look into it.

For now, all is well.

Thank you for the great health advice. It is much appreciated.

Health comes first.

Onwards and Upwards.


Normally when you take this supplement Lutein is often combined with Zeaxanthin. I also take it as with all this computer work my eyes have not become better.

All the best, Taetske

Take care of your orecious sight my loyal health associate.

I have made up my mind having been warned.

Rays from the computer will not be allowed to promote the deterioration of my sight.

So, I have changed my approach for better results.

All the best

HI Maxine,

Sorry to hear about your sight but happy to hear that you had a successful surgery. Everything happens for a reason and just be grateful with lives to keep us going in achieving our goal.

Have a good rest and adapt a healthy diet. Things will work out fine in the end.

Get well soon,

Thank you for the support and advice Agnes.

Sorry to hear about your eye... That sounds so scary!
Not to worry about the SAC this year as your health comes FIRST.
I'm sure you will still get the emails although I'm not sure what to expect as haven't really heard what week 2 will bring.
Perhaps there will be some videos you could listen to.
Take care of yourself, wishing you good health.

Hey Eliz,

Everything is in place to move forward.

But, I suspect the challenge should be vigorous, probably too much for my eyes.

So, I withdrew.

No regrets here because ther will be ither challenges.

My health is more important.

Thank you for stopping in to leave a positive comment.


Maxine, I’m so sorry to hear about your health condition, but I’m thankful you received help in time!

I know how disappointed you are to have to resign from the super affiliate program, but your eyes are so important that I know you understand you have to take care of them and follow your doctors orders!

You are in my prayers sweet lady,


Thank you for the prayers. This is a special gift Cora.

There will be other challenges.

Onwards and Upwards.


Oh Maxine..... I am so sorry to hear about your problems with your eyes.

Yet, once again I am very happy that you were blessed with a dear friend. I am glad that you were able to get you to Florida for the medical care you needed.

As you are aware, without your health, you have nothing. That must have been a very scary experience.

If the Lord wants you to make to Vegas, it will happen without you destroying your health in the process. If He doesn't, that means that He has other plans in store for you. Regardless, you have to trust.

I am sending hugs and prayers your way.

Thank you for the hugs and prayers Sondra.

Health comes first all the time.

Just a little derailmentbut I'll get back on track.

See you in Vegas!

Maxine :-))

I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. I don't think I will ever have the trouble you are having, because of one thing. I have smoked marijuana for most of my life and it is a proven fact that marijuana helps with glocama (hillbilly spelling ) and eye pressure. I was thinking about setting up a website on the medical uses of medical marijuana and how it should not be illegal. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about marijuana and your problem with your eyes. You will be in my prayers. Please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.

Hey David,

Thank you for your prayers and stopping in to leave a comment.

Marijuana is not an answer in my situation. It is illegal in the Virgin Islands.

However, if you are passionate about setting up a site on it, then do so.

But, marijuana is not for me.

Maxine :-))

Bless your heart, dear...and I was so looking forward to your being part of the challenge. At least you will still be on here and we can keep in touch as usual. Bummer! However, on the bright side, so glad you got it taken care of. Hope all is well going forward.

My dear Fran, there will be many other challenges at Wealthy Affiliate .
Right now my greatest challenge is to maintain precious sight.

All is not lost. The future will be clearer and brighter.

Onwards and Upwards.


Gotta keep that eyesight functioning...glad all was successful. You take care, dear.

Yes yes yes Fran.

Without it all is lost.


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