Wow! That's Strange Two Identical Twins In WA.

Last Update: March 02, 2019

As I opened up WA today and got ready to follow some new comers to WA.

I noticed something very strange that I've never noticed before.

Two indentical twins!

And both of them are dogs!

Ok I understand dogs can give birth to twins.

But when they speak exactly the that's something that rang alarm bells.

I mean their dog profiles were exactly the same not just pictures but what's written in their profiles.

(So that's twin photo twin bio and twin referer to WA).

Am I seeing double or is something more sinister going on in the background?

They have different names though but hey who am I to judge.

Maybe its just someone thinking with the leftside and rightside of their brain.

Any thoughts WA family on this strange occurence at WA?

Dog Number 1

Dog Number 2

I thinking I need to watch a few more episodes of Culumbo. To figure this one out.

Help keep WA safe and sound.

An Update:

All these have the same bio.

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AmyHD Premium
Have you noticed who are these two dogs following? Also exact the same.
MaxiMos Premium
Its Dog's life.
BobRoman Premium
Thanks for heads up!

Wish you great success!

MaxiMos Premium
My pleasure.
Jtowermonkey Premium
I would suggest anytime you find something like this that sets off warning bells you shoul let Kyle know, if you haven’t already.
I don’t know if this is acceptable or not, whether it’s plagiarism or not, or how exactly it would benefit someone. I really hope this place place stays friendly and everybody continues to help everyone.
I am glad there are people like you looking out for irregularities and it’s good to let people know about what’s going on here at WA but don’t let it affect your journey along the path you have chosen. Stay focused and you can achieve anything.

Best wishes to everyone.
MaxiMos Premium
Yes, thanks.
All the best.
MaxiMos Premium
I just found another one with the exact same bio. But different profile pic.
It seems like someone's desperate to earn the starter fees.
Again thinking of quick bucks...what a shame.

A one dollar mindset thought process, plus its kind of like cheating.

If you are that person reading this and have joined WA solely to make a dollar you have missed the bigger picture, because it will catch up with you very soon.
Bnew Premium
Whao , perhaps the twin dogs shares every thing and don’t have differences thing to say about each other , will have to follow too to see how they go on with same story
MaxiMos Premium
Once a dog always a dog.
A dog's for