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My name is Maurice and I live in South Africa in Kuils River near the city of Cape Town.
I am married to Gene and we have 3 sons and 2 grandsons. I like to do some gardening and voluntary work in the community in my free time.
I am trying my hand at internet marketing and hope to make a success of it and make a decent income from it.
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Hi Maurice, thanks for the follow, I am now following you back. Looking forward to sharing our ideas and progress of achievements.
splashduck Premium
Thanks for following me Maurice.

I suggest to people to focus on what they feel passionate about and apply this WAU training to that passion.

What is your main passion? Focus off making money and onto how you can use your new found training and powerful tools to help others gain knowledge and add value to their lives. Build a following then see about making money later. Just my thoughts and approach.

Rob G:)
Salem Premium
Thanks for the follow, Maurice. I will look forward to your posts. Regards
Thanks for the follow .
Carson Premium Plus
How are you doing today? I wanted to take a few minutes to see how you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate so far and to officially welcome you to the community.

I am here to help, as is Kyle, and many other awesome (and knowledgable) members. If you have any questions about getting started please let me know, or post your questions in the LIVE chat on the dashbaord.

My suggestion for getting started is the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course found here:


Talk to you soon.

Hi Doing OK. Looks very daunting, but I`m sure I will find my way. It looks like a super program that will help me a lot. Trying to finalize my profile, but seems to have run into a problem. Cannot add the personal description. Have tried a few times, save it, but it does not show on profile.