Don't Be a "Money Chaser"

Last Update: November 29, 2013

My first domain name was registered in 1997. The website was built (writing HTML code in Notepad) and online a couple months after that. I'd been searching for ways to make money since about 1991, and I finally found something that was a sure to be a slam-dunk.

The most fundamental mistake I made is spelled out in that last sentence -- "I'd been searching for ways to make money." Of course, that's all bass-ackwards. What I should have been doing is searching for ways to solve problems and provide VALUE to other people. But no, I was caught in the trap of being a Money Chaser.

In the interest of time and space, here is a high-level overview of almost everything I've tried since that exciting day in 1997 when I registered my first domain name:

  • MLM / Network Marketing programs
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Associate programs
  • Bulk vending
  • Online auctions (eBay)
  • Home parties
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Chain letters
  • Home assembly work
  • Online surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Freelance writing
  • Selling drugs
  • Porn

OK, those last two were just a test to see if you're still with me! :) Of course, I'm kidding about selling drugs & porn, but you get the idea. Basically, when it comes to money-making attempts, I've "been there & done that!" Suffice it to say, I made a little money but never found real success because I went about it all wrong and with a poor mental attitude.

Fast forward to today, and for the past 6 years or so I've been pretty much off the grid and not willing to look at any more business opportunies. I was burned out! Aside from selling a few garage sale items here and there on Craigslist and Facebook, my only source of income in recent history has been my J.O.B. But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get that little nagging voice out of my head that kept telling me to do something for myself so I wouldn't have to "work for the man" the rest of my adult life.

Well, I've always known things happen for a reason, and at the right time. In March of this year, I received an email about Empower Network that sounded very intruiging. I went Googling for legitimate reviews of the program, and that led me to Steve's "" website. Next thing I know, I'm reading Steve's glowing review of Wealthy Affiliate, and I signed up for a free account.

Sadly, and pretty much true to form, I promptly did...absolutely....NOTHING with WA! Instead of diving in and devouring all the training during my first 7 days, I decided to bitch and complain about the overwhelming and confusing amount of information on the WA website. YA! I'm serious! Can you believe it???

Several months later, thanks to the persistence of Kyle, Carson and Steve, I continued receiving emails about upgrading to premium and the great Black Friday deal that was coming. I came back to WA, figured out my login, and starting going through the free training videos that were still accessible to me as a starter member. It didn't take long for me to finally realize that if I'm ever going to build a successful online business, THIS was going to be my BEST and LAST opportunity to take things to the next level.

So last night, I pulled out the ol' credit card and signed up for a full year of Premium WA access. It felt great and terrifying at the same time! I tend to get "analysis paralysis" and over-think just about everything. Not to mention, I've been known to procrastinate a bit. ;) I'm already overwhelmed and stressed trying to determine my first niche, and what domain name I'm going to register. I made a list of 27 niche ideas I'd potentially be interested in. And I'm not even through the beginner training yet! Yea, I'm a mess.

WA clearly has everything required to build a successful business, so I need to just take a deep breath (or ten), trust the process, and keep chugging along. I hope to be here many years from now sharing my success and knowledge with all the new WA's who's heads will no doubt be spinning just like mine is now!

Thank God I've been too stubborn through all these years to completely give up and stop trying. I will not be a money chaser anymore. It clearly does not work.

And so, my WA journey finally begins…

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Damien Lane Premium
Ha ha, so much of this I can relate to.

Great read. I guess I actually did get to a point financially where I could more or less work out how many years I had left in my job & how comfortable a living I could have - it wasn't too much longer relatively.

Regardless, I decided to throw caution to the wind & walked away from the job a tad early. What a snowball of calamities followed... Not a bad idea to have a bit of a plan for such decisions. Still finding my feet. Though enjoying life & my time with my kids more now (after a bumpy ride).

Thanks for the story!
mwd21 Premium
Good story, and very well written. I just checked out Steve's website, bloody good.
Internetgranny Premium
Yup, you could more or less copy and paste your story and write my blog for me :-) Only a few tweaks needed and it would be MY story. :-)
ReinventMe Premium
Hi my granny friend! I wonder how many of us here could copy and paste this! Maybe it just has to be part of the learning curve. Maud Man puts it very well! :-)
MaudMan Premium
HAHA, thanks Maria! Reading my own story again, I still can't believe I did all that stuff trying to make money. So far, WA has truly been a gift from the heavens. Well, OK -- gotta give Kyle & Carson credit too. LOL

I'm just so happy to have "re-discovered" WA and I'm having a blast so far! Not to mention, this community of like-minded, helpful, caring and responsive folks is just flat out AMAZING.
ReinventMe Premium
Ha ha, do you not think we just get it into our heads,"ok there's loads of people on the internet so we must be able to sell them something!" Then when you google it all of these scammy things come up and when you haven't got WA kind of training or any other knowledge of IM you just think that's what you do. It took me ages to even realise you didn't just have to join these things, you had to advertise them as well! I kid you not! :-)
Like you, so pleased I've found WA and like you I think I've been here before but didn't realise the value!
Ithamar Premium
Do I know you sir? Because I don't remember telling you my story...LOL! It was like you were playing a movie about my life! You're gonna have a great testimony when you do walk away from that J.O.B.
MaudMan Premium
Thank you sir! :)
ahen205 Premium
♢Welcome aboard♢!