First Success with WA

Last Update: November 19, 2016

This is my first blog on WA to share my success story for the completion of Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Training. The platform has been structured in a simple and plain manner for me to digest and understand. Hopefully I will upgrade to the premium membership for more comprehensive training and benefits on the ground for all members. I would like to thank Kyle and Carson for creating this platform and sharing their unprecedented Skills, Talent, Knowledge and Love for people who have passion, interest,love and positively crazy for Online Marketing Business Across the World. Smart Guys, thanks a million for this great stuff!!

No doubt, I can feel it. The Success has started rolling for me and all the entire members of WA. I'm sure with this platform, the Sky is our limit. I will continue to be focused to meet my target goals. As for my great members on this platform-WA, I wish you all a resounding success in your potential Niche.

All the best and continue your quest for Success!!

Best regards,


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JKAshipala Premium
We are all in the same journey.
JeffDolson Premium
MatthewO1 Premium
Many thanks!
MiriBrown Premium
Congratulations Matthew, keep going :)
MatthewO1 Premium
Hi MiriBrown, thank you for your message.Much appreciated! You're such a wonderful person! Looking forward to with you.
All the best.
RHBarlow Premium
That's what you have to do and keep going forward.
Andrew007 Premium
Good news! Congrats!
MatthewO1 Premium
Thanks Andrew! You're great!