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Who else has got immediate response from Support Team. Let give credit where it's due. Query My Site Down 7:10 p.m. answer solve 7:13 p.m. Good to Go I Love WA. 10/10 Cheers Team
120 days ago I was ranked 5779 today i'm 699 at WA ranking though I don't know how that is important WRT google ranking but with this is my data for today I would like to share with my WA community. What do I need to improve on my site. PLEASE Criticize My Work Be Sincere I Will Appreciate Every Word www.safetychecksguide.comAcquisition Channel Users Social 125-(45.29%)Direct 102-(36.29%)Organic Search 31-(11.23%)Referrals 18-(6.52%)The Past 14 Days Active Users 249Audience
My Website Bounce Rate 70.03%. Cheers. Kenya is No. 7 Leading is USA, Australia, UK, Canada...
May 02, 2017
My google analytics result....Returning visitors 60% New visitors 40%, Sessions 205, Users 108, Pageviews 388, Pages / Session 1.59, Bounce Rate 68.00%, % New Sessions 60.00%.
From the Kyle lessons he tells us to install this plugins. Is it still valid? Kindly advice. 1.Untested with your version of WordPress2.Last Updated: 4 years ago.3.And its a 3 star .
We are all here to learn and do something we love most....Am very fresh here at WA that why am going for this break. I guarantee my fellow WA members that if we do not follow the lessons that Kyle and Carson provided us with you will miss many important guidelines, do your own things, get lost, be very frustrated, and then quit.Please let follow these lessons and guidelines and you will like it.
March 05, 2017
Having finished my certificate course have realized there is more than just building a website that why have decided to dig more information with Affiliate Boot-camp. Thanks everybody for the support here at WAThere is a big different between Understanding and Knowing WA make us Understand I Love you all.See you there...
First of all may I thanks WA community members and WA Support team for the far I have reached. Am very fresh in website building and stuffs like that today is almost my 30+ days here at WA. And am happy the far have reached and learnt I dint know website building is just like building a house. It incorporate many things very many indeed Next is THEME
Thanks WA team am learning so much with you thanks for the content and the videos..The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet Aristotle...