All in one seo, yoast, or rank math?

All in one seo, yoast, or rank math?

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Can anybody tell me what is the difference between these 3 SEO plugins? Like what are their advantages over one another, stuff like that. Doesn't need to be a long answer, just

Marvin I don't have any knowledge about these plug-ins but take care remember plug-ins drag down your website.


Yeah the only plugins I have are the SEO plugins, contact form plugin and social plugin.
Thanks for the tip!

I have absolutely no idea, Sorry newbie.

No worries Patrick!

Hey Marvin!

I've only tried All in One SEO and Yoast and personally I prefer Yoast...

I believe that Yoast is more user-friendly and offers a lot more customization options

Lastly, it offers readability & SEO analysis and improvement suggestions, something that will help you write better quality articles as well as sharpen your writing and SEO skills in the long-term.

I hope this helps,


If you like Yoast over AIO SEO, consider checking out Rank Math, you might be surprised. I know I was when I switched over to it. I’ve always been a Yoast fan until recently

Will changing the SEO plugin affect anything regarding my site? Say I switch to Rank Math or Yoast, would deactivating AIO before activating the new SEO plugin do any harm to my site?

I was reading about Rank Math too, but I've read negative things about it. But I did read negative things about Yoast and AIO SEO too, so...

When switching to Rank Math, leave AUO or Yoast activated, it will then allow you to import all of your existing settings. Afterwards, you can then deactivate/delete AIO/Yoast.

You will need to go through all of your Posts & Pages, adding the Focus Keyword, for the feedback to work

What do you mean by "Focus Keyword" and "feedback"?

Focus Keyword, is the main keyword you centred your post around, usually the first part of your Title.

Yoast Free only allows one, but Rank Math allows 5, this will help you to optimise your page for more than one keyword at a time.

The feedback it a Traffic Light system (Red, Amber, Green), along with an SEO Score out of 100, along with loads of helpful tips and advice on how to get your score up to 100.

Okay! This seems good! I'll probably try Rank Math as I've read that it's the best and most modernized out of the three SEO plugins. Thank you so much Xaric and Chrystopher!

Hi Chrystopher.

I'll consider checking Rank Math out at some point...

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!


Always happy to help Marvin :)

Best wishes,


All-in-One SEO is great for 95% of the members here. You set it once and forget about it. It will provide a basic level of on page SEO

Yoast Free is great if you need to see how your keyword relates to your content, along with the keyword density etc.

Yoast Premium goes even further, providing you with all sorts of analysis. Too long to list here, you’re better off visiting their website.

Rank Math is the best of both AIO SEO and Yoast, but goes the extra step and includes all of the additional Yoast Premium Plugins and provides you with Schema Markup all built in.

Schema’s are what tells the search engines etc what your site is actually about. I.e. Review Scores (4.5 out of 5 stars etc), Recipes, Local Business information etc etc.

I see, I am favoring Rank Math especially with it being free and all features available at the ready

I've just added a link above, that might help you see the features and help explain the focus keyword etc

Thank you!

Hi, I've not done an in-depth study on the differences of the 3, but what I can tell you is that when I switched from All-in-one to Yoast, it was a game changer for me on my SEO skills. Ultimately help me ranking in Google.

Thank you Chloe!

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What did I do wrong?

What did I do wrong?

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Search Engine Optimization

So, I have 12 posts in total on my blog. 10 of those are the ones I need to rank, or at least be indexed by Google. I did the "site:domain" on Google to test. And out of the 10

Marvin you have to remember that while it does take time you can sometimes get too wordy, that is write too much or over use your keywords. Getting Google to index you is very tricky indeed but hopefully it's just a wait-and-see situation......... Joe

Thank you Joe!

Hi Marvin, I see you have already got your answers.
Good Luck.


Thank you Wilson!

Hi - your posts can be indexed within hours, days or weeks, the more content you write, the quicker they get indexed. You won't have done anything wrong, it's just a matter of time.

Thank you Diane!

It takes time to rank once indexed and time to be indexed as well. Your rankings should improve within a week or so after first indexing for your keywords.

Okay, thank you Yuma!

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