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Last Update: January 31, 2015

I have just about completed Certification Level 2- My newest Website is progressing. I feel like I would like to jump ahead but I know I have to do things in order. The WA Training is awesome and I just have to keep putting it into action regularly. I am about where I wanted to be for now. By the end of FEB I would like to complete Level 3 and 4 and then start on the Bootcamp also have affilialte Links set up. In 6 Months-JULY I expect to making some money or find out why not.

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kiliwia62 Premium
Marv, your site looks good and your content is wonderful, love all the information. My only suggestion would be to put a bit more media in it just brings any site a bit more alive.
MarvH Premium
Thanks Sylvia, As I add more posts I thought I would add more media at that time.
JJordie Premium
You have a nice site. Took a lot for my dogs to sit and stay. Over the years it worked. Your sites will come as you add your content and rework or develop your thoughts and ideas. I know I am constantly changing what I have written.
MarvH Premium
Thanks Jordie. I have already changed a few things. I will keep on it.