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I have decided to take on TonyHamilton's 90 day challenge because I have been wanting to blog more at Wealthy Affiliate and become better at improving my website every day. Recently, I've started using a productivity RPG app called Habitica, so you'll probably see me mention it throughout my blog posts. I plan on writing a review of Habitica soon because it's been so helpful for me. This challenge will help push me to completing my Habitica review sooner for my website.In short, Habitica relate
I've been learning more about copywriting lately and one of the tips (that Kyle has also touched on) is to know why and how people buy. While reading The 5P Approach to Copy that Crushes It, this line stood out to me: "Knowing why and how people buy empowers you as long as you never forget the focus on the buyer."That's essentially 3 tips in one sentence. Know why people buyKnow how people buyFocus on the buyerThese are all great tips that have been covered in Wealthy Affiliate's training, but
Yesterday, I made my first Wealthy Affiliate commission! I really didn't expect it to happen so soon after my first referral. I know that the first sale is always the hardest to make because of having to wait and keep pushing through. Once you get the first, it's sort of a validation that you CAN do it after all. If you can make one sale, you can get another. For the curious, it took me 8 months to get to this point and I promised myself to give it a year before trying a new niche. So if you've
July 05, 2015
I'm excited that I made my first Wealthy Affiliate referral today! It took me longer than some things I've tried in the past, but I still feel accomplished. If you're going on 6 months with no referrals, don't lose hope! It will happen for you too. Just keep working on your website and moving forward even if it's only a little bit each day.-- Martina
To make a long story short, I've finally become clear on who my target audience is and the mission of my business. I want my website design and theme to reflect that, so I could use some help.Website: Help high school graduates become online entrepreneursTarget audience: High school graduates, 21 years old, male, greatest motivating factor is freedomTagline (willing to change this if mine is bad): Essential guidance for becoming an online entrepreneur to live life on
One of our fellow Wealthy Affiliate members has the chance to be featured on He's currently in second place, and although the top 5 will be featured, I still think it's nice to aim for 1st place ;) If you haven't voted yet, please do so! His name is Dom Wells and you can vote for him here: You can see Dom's original blog about the voting here:
Today I encountered two problems while working on my website. The first was an http error when I tried adding images to my new post. I typed it into the search bar on Wealthy Affiliate and found someone else had the same problem. In the comments, I found the solution to my problem! Oddly, I had to remove the apostrophes from the title of the image. I may not understand why Wordpress hates apostrophes in the image titles, but I'm happy to have so easily solved the problem thanks to Wealthy Affil
While brainstorming for a new topic idea to write for the Wealthy Affiliate community, I had the idea to start a thread on “What is your biggest motivator for starting an online business or website?”. When I started to type in the search bar “what is your biggest motivator”, I saw that there were no questions like this yet. However, the opposite of this question WAS asked: “What is your biggest obstacle?” Therefore, I think it's time we add a discussion thread on what our motivation
February 26, 2014
I upgraded to premium last night because I like how easy to understand all of the material is and how supportive the community is. I have some experience writing online but have been reading every word and watching the full videos just in case I find something I don't know. I also want to do the tasks as I go to receive the full benefit. I am new to starting my own business, though. In the past I've only written for others and on sites owned by others.