Traffic Tip 2: Why you should never buy traffic!

Last Update: February 17, 2018

Some of you may already know this to be true, but for those of you thinking about it - stop now!

I'm going to explain here why buying traffic is never a good idea even if it may seem super easy.

My Stumble Onto Paid Traffic

My first time buying traffic was early last year and I thought it was the best thing ever at first. I couldn't believe I could get thousands of people to my website every month for like $50!

"Surely THIS was it! This was the trick all those gurus were using to make their business work"

Of course, I was very wrong and it took me 2 months of traffic to realize it.

My bounce rates went through the roof, my conversions went way down and my rankings went down.

I was shocked, how could my rankings possibly be dropping with so many visitors?

What Paid Traffic Really Is

The issue with paid traffic is that it's SUPER low quality. The leads from paid traffic are from google Adsense type websites that use other advertising networks.

People sift off those advertising networks to make money selling the traffic people click on. So you're basically using ad space in a bad advertising network that are getting people through to your website.

But the downside is that you're not customizing your ads/links, you don't even know if those ads/links are in any way actually related to your site. Usually paid traffic providers will ask you what niche you're in but the categories are super broad and not nearly good enough to get "targeted" traffic as promised.

Just Don't Do It!

It took me a while to get out of my payments because they had my credit card and NOWHERE on their whole website was there a place to cancel. I had to email them 4 different times before they finally cancelled my subscription.

It was a nightmare. So please please please don't do it!

I know most of you are way to smart for something like that and I wish I was too haha.

To your success everyone :)


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HowardJaros Premium
Interesting perspective Martina, and I agree. I have not paid for traffic but appreciate another reason why not to.

Thanks for sharing!!
DianneBee Premium
Goodness. Recently I saw a training on line that sounded so good - as I followed it through it turned out it was all based on paid traffic. I was disappointed. Oh well.
Years ago I tried a couple of traffic exchanges but it took a lot of time. That was no good either.
Have a fruitful day!
reonna3 Premium
Thanks Martina for posting, I will stick with my agenda here at WA and follow the training...
MartinaDKH Premium
Thats the best way to do it :)