Thanks to WA our companies are taking off!

Last Update: February 21, 2018

So... I joined WA a while back and started two great niche sites. Life got in the way and I let them both go. My husband and I started a contracting company (we renovate homes), which gave birth to a second company acquiring and managing properties.

This time of year is usually pretty slow for us. In the past we've only done a few small jobs, for no more than $1,500 bucks. When we finally decided to build our websites to support our companies, I thought I would come back to WA and kill 3 birds with one stone. I would be able to host both sites in the same place for one low cost, compared to purchasing separate websites, plus I would be able to start my niche sites again. So far, I've started the groundwork for both company sites. I still have more to do on them, but it's enough to show an online presence. I'm just getting started on the niche site.

But enough of all the small talk... the success!! As I've stated, this time of year is generally SLOOOWWWW for our business. Even for property management a lot of people are late on rent around the holidays in the neighborhoods where we rent. Through the help of our contracting website we locked in a contract that's worth $9,000!! That's normal for the summer months, but has been RARE for us this time of year. We also have another job worth $12,000 lined up. We had another client that found us through the website, but that job fell through, and another that we're still attempting to close the deal with. We don't always win them all, but either way that's $21,000 and counting during months where it's more difficult to get the fish to bite. Compare that to the month of December and January where all we made was $1,500 bucks combined. We've usually had to rely on savings. It doesn't look like that will be the case going forward. I'm just really excited to see what the Spring and Summer will bring.

Additionally, we've been contacted by a prospective partner on the property acquisitions side of business. If that goes as plan all I can say is cha-ching!

I never realized how much a difference a website can make. And I owe it all to Wealthy Affiliate. Because I SURE was struggling to get a professional looking and effective site together without it.

Thank you Wealthy Affiliate for creating such a wonderful school / tool!!!

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work4nobody Premium
Congratulations on your achievement.
KatieMac Premium
Inspiring post and it goes to show if we follow the steps outlined success comes along
AlexEvans Premium Plus
That is good news Marsha, the benefits of the training and resources here at WA, are many, thanks for sharing and best wishes as you develop those websites.
Kyle Premium Plus
So wonderful to hear Marsha and great to hear about all of your results thus far. I know your business and contracts are only going to continue to grow as you continue to scale out your online presence.

Keep up the great work and do keep us updated with your progress moving forward. ;)
hirohurl Premium
Congratulations on getting such fast and positive results from your website. That's a great testimonial to WA as well as to your efforts and determination.

Here's to your continuing success.

David Hurley