I Wasn't Going To But I Guess I Have To.

Last Update: April 17, 2019

Hey there!

I was accepted into the Super Affiliate Challenge this year. I applied for many reasons but mostly because I'm disappointed in myself when it comes to my 'make money online' site.

I want to wint the trip to Vegas but I keep getting caught up in my mind about a lot of things. I keep feeling like I'm a guru/scammer and comments people make and a bunch of things go on that make me alter my path and quit.

Well, I really want to help people make money online. So much people struggle and deal with hardships that could be drastically helped with this opportunity.

So when I joined I wanted to focus on creating content and not really post about it. But then I guess my plans were ruined when it became part of the tasks we have to complete in the challenge, lol.

I've already established a small FB following which is just over 1.5k and my domain is 2 years old. I've decided not to make a new domain and just revamp my current site. I wish I could make it grammatically correct but #yolo #newbmistakes #lol

I'm saying this because these are factors that will effect my results and rankings differently than a new site so keep that in mind though this part of my business is practically non-existant at the start of all this.

Where I Stand ATM

I have to admit that I surprised myself with these stats. You can see where I started up again.

Its where the first hump is in the solid blue line. I've watched a lot of videos on growing a make money online site and they almost all say to go heavy on reviews first then branch off once its established.

So I'm going to go with that process. But I also want to create helpful guide type of information too. So I'll produce one article per week.

I also want to incorporate videos into my publications although I'm not sure how to when it comes to reviews. Still figuring out that part.

So you can see a big jump going on. My site went from next to no views to just over 3 views per day in 4 days. Again, I'm quite surprised to see it.

I wasn't even planning to check but I figured that I might as well check. So I ho-hummed over to Google Analytics and am also quite impressed with my session duration time and bounce rate.

Actually, that's the best bounce rate I've ever had and I'm really happy with it. I put a lot of time, effort and heart into my posts. I take into consideration the things people say they enjoy and the things they say might need work.

And it makes me happy to know that people are reading them aka finding value in the information within. I'm overjoyed that I'm actually HELPING people.

Moving Forward...

I want to continue to grow on FB but I actually want to try growing an Instagram account. I like taking pictures and connecting with people on there.

I won't be focusing on my other sites as much and really making this my main focus for now. I hope to get to a point where I can hire writers to write for some of my other sites.

I've had some referrals but no premiums yet.

I think that's about it for now. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!

Hope that you keep up the good work on your side and continue to grow in your business. Have an awesome day! :)


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Wdcope Premium
It's a challenge in itself to move over on the existing website a different approach. You certainly have the skills to do this. On your way to Vegas now.
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Marlinda, good to see you, it can be an amazing boost when we zero in and focus on one thing.

Looks like your results are moving in the right direction.

Best wishes for a successful year.

FKelso Premium
Thanks for the post. You are indeed moving forward. I find this WA business to be a real challenge, but enjoy it. Hope you, too, find enjoyment in the process.
DavidFrady Premium
Keep up the great work. I hope you have an awesome day. Take care
SondraM Premium
Awesome results Marlinda! Well deserved.

You have clearly written about something that is helping people in those reviews.