Help with site speed and plugins?

Help with site speed and plugins?

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Search Engine Optimization


I have asked for help in the WA community on this and tried every
plugin for Social Media I could find. When I add the Social Media
Plugins to my websites

Hey Susan,

Your question did not go to Carson in a private message. Instead, you have selected an option that posted your question within a classroom.

For your issue here, I recommend that you select "Report Content" so that you are offered a blank textbox that will be clearly labeled "Contact Kyle or Carson" and this way your message will be delivered to Carson in a private message.

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you, I was not sure how to do that!!
I already put this question to the community
and every single answer did not work.
So I went through all the plugins on my own
with no success :(
Thank you,

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Changed themes do I need to verify ownership again?

Changed themes do I need to verify ownership again?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I just changed the themes for two of my websites and I noticed that I had to resubmit ownership verification to Bing/Yahoo when I went to do a fetch when I added more content t

You're a naughty girl, Susie. Using the theme editor is not recommended.

That is the funny part the Google Analytics stayed on the
theme in the All in One SEO, but the complete Meta
disappeared out of the header of the theme, does this mean
everything is alright then?
Thank you so much,

Good question, Susie!
Thank you for the detailed answer, Keisha!

Aloha, Jenna

you're most welcome Jenna -- we all try to do our best! 😊🎈

Love you, dear friend! :-)))

...ditto! ... 🧡


p.s. by the way, r u coming to my new year's eve day levee (virtual) ... check and see if u like the menu ... lol ... :)

I think there is no need to verify it again, you need to verify your ownership upon the first registration of your account only.

hey hi Susie -- it really depends and it is variable -- check out Ian's featured comment regarding changed themes -- includes considerations when changing themes -- and it sounds like your new theme may or may not have a supportive header: hope this enlightens of how variable changing themes can be ... and to test it out first ... all the best as usual .... cheerio .. 😊

Thank you, Keisha, going to read now!
Everything else turned out beautifully but
none of the HTML verification codes transferred :(

Unfortunately nothing about verification codes in that :(

... hey Susie -- how r u doing with it now? .... anyway, found a seasoned WAer Bo's training on codes in headers -- and there's some good comments in his thread -- see page 9 ... it's a bit of a shot in the dark as i don't know what type of domain site or theme you're with to try to best help you ...

here it is in case it might help further ... cheerio ... 😊🎈

I read this one and it really site does not answer the question but when I look for my sites they are there and getting traffic
in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster so I am going to
play a "Wait and See" and as long as things keep going the
way they are I am not going to worry about it :)
Thank you so much I have both of these bookmarked just
in case.
Love you,
Thank you what a sweetheart you are for helping me :)

Geez -- it might be just one of those things that need a 'training' on! ... lol ... more training! ...

Keep well & keep happy, cheerio ... 😊🎈

More training - wow I cannot get through everything we
have now LOL
I think others feel the same - I read a blog from a member
who has been here 4 years and still has not made it
through all the training we have here!!
I will keep you posted if I find out anything on this it is
very disturbing and I found it accidentally LOL
Thanks so much for helping me honey
Love you as always

... love u, too! ... lol ... too-o much training, then! ...

hey, hope you've seen my new years' eve invite to celebrate ... check out the menu that i've created (imagineer in me) to see if you'd like to attend (virtual) ... until The Lounge re-opens ... did sorta hear from merlinregis -- just a couple of 'like' clicks only ... don't know what seems to ail him ... ah well! life! ...onward & forward & uphill! ... lol ... chee-erioo-o! .... :)

Your verification will remain valid but keep in mind that certain plugins may not be compatible with certain themes. As long as everything seems to still work as it did before, you're ok. The incompatibility is also something to be aware of, even though it is usually rare, as you move forward and grow your website.

The theme is working great actually made the site
look and navigate better but when I was checking
the HTML code is not there for Google :(

Did you place the code in the header or footer of your site?

The original owner verification from Google Webmaster goes in the header of the theme - when I changed the theme for some reason this disappeared - so did Google Analytic and Bing/Yahoo ownership verification :(
Getting those two back was not a problem but I do not
know how to get the Google one back :(

I apologize. I verified my sites in another way but yes, you will need to include them in the new theme. Follow the same steps you did before to receive the html code and it will generate it for you. I sure hope this helps! If not, I'll be glad to assist in any way I can.

I have changed themes 4x now, and never needed to do anything else. I'm following what everyone else has to say!

Thank you

I don't know the answer either, as I have never changed themes.

Lucky you wish that I could have settle on one before now :(

Good question, indeed!

Inquiring minds :)

Changing themes should make no difference to anything except the layout Susan
Everything will be the same

Ms. Vicki,
I thought that too but the verification codes are not in the
header of the new theme :(

This is way beyond where I am. Can't help with this one

Thanks, Joseph
I need to find this out :(

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What does or where does position on google 3.0 mean?

What does or where does position on google 3.0 mean?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

When you look at the Google Webmaster for traffic they have the clicks, impressions, CTR, and position. The position is always a number with a decimal point? I would like to

Great Question, Ms. Susan,

Great answer, Mitch!

All the best,


Hi Susan,
The reason why it shows up as a decimal is because it is not an actual count like the number of clicks or the number of impressions (which are actual quantifiable events in and of themselves).

The average position value is based on how many times a keyword or keyword phrase has triggered your website to be listed in the search results combined with the position in which it appeared at in each of those individual search results.

For example: using a fictitious key word phrase "testing position average decimal point". When that key word phrase triggers a link to a page on your website it appears in the Google Search Results. Let's say that that key word phrase triggered impressions (listings of your website) as below in different Google searches:

keyword triggers your website in a search at position 24
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 38
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 16
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 22
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 7
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 19
keyword triggers your website in another search at position 27

The number that you would get as impressions would be 7. That is the number of times the keyword triggered your website to be listed as a result of a Google search.

The average position is a calculated value based on the position numbers of each individual search result. In this example, we would use 24, 38, 16, 22, 7, 19, 27 as the position values for each individual search result.

The final value shown as average position in Google Webmaster Tools, will be the average of these seven values or 21.9. To calculate the value, take the sum of the seven numbers that show the position your website appeared in the individual search results (gives you 153), then divide by the number of searches where your website appeared (7).

153 divided by 7 = 21.9 --> average position

The average position value in the Google Webmaster Tools shows both the average position for individual keywords or keyword phrases (shown as rows) as well as the grand total of all those keywords (the number in the box top right).

Hope this helps.

So this is the average number of times the site comes up in a search result and not the actual position it holds on Google
for ranking purposes if I understand you correctly :)

That's right. It is a calculation based on how many times your website shows up in different search results along with what position it showed up in each of those individual search result.

It is a helpful statistic though because it helps you to see which keyword terms are triggering impressions, and how often.

Over time, as your website develops, the impression numbers should go up (meaning that your website is showing up more often in search results) and the average position will go down (meaning that overall your website is getting ranked higher in search results).

I check these stats out on a week by week basis.

Thank you so much, Mitch, so can I ask you one more
question if I have a 3.0 is this a good thing or a bad
thing? And then a 17.4 would not be near as good
is that correct?

That's correct, if you are averaging 3.0... that is great.
If you are at 17.4 not as good... but still pretty good.

On my website I am averaging 78.4 overall right now which is down from 90.6 when I first started tracking a couple of weeks ago. On an individual keyword, my best is at 31.

If you have an individual keyword or phrase that has an average position of 3.0 that's very good.

Now take a look at volume. How many impressions does the same keyword or phrase have? If the number of impressions are high it is a high volume search term and you will likely be getting some clicks. If the number of impressions are low, then it is not a high volume search term which may not generate many clicks.

Here is something I just came across that might help clear things up a bit more.

From what I can understand from that support article, the position only counts if it makes an impression. This means that the user actually "saw" the search result.

For example, if the website ranked 43 for a particular search term, then whoever was doing the search must visit page 5 of the search results for it to count as an impression.

Search results 1 - 10 = page 1
Search results 11 - 20 = page 2

Keep on going. Looks like you've taken some steps in the right direction.

Thank you so much for the time you spent helping me
it is so much appreciated I was trying to figure this
out since yesterday evening with no luck :)
We need more helpers here at WA at times and
you jumped right in thank you.
Have a great holiday :)

No problem, I found a few things out myself along the way.

I have a pending blog on this topic and you helped to accelerate the research I needed to do on it.

So thanks right back at you!!!

Enjoy your holiday as well.

Hey Susan,

You can find your answer in the screen print below...

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you so much I looked and could not find anything
will go check this to see if I can figure it out :)
You are a great help Trish :)

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How to fix a menu when there is no more room?

How to fix a menu when there is no more room?

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WA Affiliate Program

I have drop down menu's on my websites what happens when you add so much that people can not see the rest of your posts to click on them? How do you fix this so people can see

You may spread them in more categories. This would be better.

Israel Olatunji

Thank you Israel Marion has me covered :)

Like Edwin Barnes, a Man & Women maybe poorly dressed and penniless, yet his burning desire can bring him the opportunity of his lifetime.

Glad you asked. I am okay so far. Just added two more categories to my top menu so could spread my posts out a bit. They are fine, now, but will get too full again. Then will have to change them.

I, too, will be reviewing Marion's post.

I hear you Fran my menu's were running out of room :)

Your main menu should have just the things in it you really want people to click on, everything else you can move to your sidebar, in a custom menu, category, or to your footer. Your pp and affiliate disclosure can go to the footer



Way to large.
You can have much more in your top menu
Home - Start Here - Your Business - My Story

Thank you - Marion's video is going to help me clean this up
I believe :)

Use categories instead of listing individual posts.

Thank you, Marion, I will check this out - I do have
categories already maybe I need more :)

You may have enough categories already. Just have the categories in the menu instead of the individual posts. People will find the posts when they click on the categories.

Check my screenshot below this is what I am talking what happens when my posts go below where people can see them?

I repeat:
Just have the categories in the menu instead of the individual posts. People will find the posts when they click on the categories.

Thank you I think this will work perfectly thank you so much :)

I agree with Vicki. That is the only thing I can think of.


you may need to add a few more categories hun and more indented posts. maybe Im not sure

Thank you, Ms. Vicki, more categories will be added LOL :)

Awesome hun- you have got this I know it :)
Keep rocking xx

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Trust lost on transfer to domain name?

Trust lost on transfer to domain name?

asked in
The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Transferred my website to a purchased

.com and lost all my site trust under my Site Health with

Google is this normal??

Not to worry at all! There used to a waiting period. You haven't lost any trust at all as a result of transferring your website from a .siterubix to a custom domain. You have taken a step of success further. So, there is no cause for alarm. It'll soon be restored.

You may go through any of the following resources at your leisure. Thanks! Israel Olatunji

Thank you for everything Israel you inspire me and I need that :)

I think there is a waiting period.

Thank you, lasabre for responding :)

Hey Susan,
This is ok. You will build it back up quickly once Google understands you.

Tried and True


Thank you Elaine I figured as much :)

That should not be.
Have you redirect your old website to the new one or you transferred it manually?

This has more to do with WA according to
Gordon and not Google so I am ok with it.
I had sites that I purchased
my own dot-coms through WA and did
the transfer through here :)

Yes, even they are both here in WA, from SiteRubix to your bought domain it should be through redirection and this will take about 30 days.
What I know is that free websites and websites in a domain will all pass through Google search.

Thank you for the explanation :)

But there's one remedy for that if you did not delete your SiteRubix free website. You can ask WA to restore it for you then you do the proper step.

Thank you no I did not delete them it said leave them for 30 days in the event of problems so they are still there :)

Well and good.

Domain transfers take time and... many times the company losing you doesn't make it particularly easy or smooth to do it. It's great that they offer it here, but I'm here to tell you that it can much more complicated and is with other companies.

Thank you :)

That's normal Susan, Google sees it as a new website because of the new Domain name

Thank you for replying this has been bothering me,
before I transferred them I was at 30% trust on two
of them and only at 10% with the other but still seems
strange to back to 0% :(

The good thing is that it doesn't affect traffic flow. Any traffic going to your siterubix site will now get re-directed to your .com site

I just started getting traffic since moving them so
that is not a big deal was just curious as to why
I lost all my trust with Google in Site Health
being new that made me nervous cannot afford
to lose my Google Trust right now :)

Read this reply to the same question raised some time ago, I think it will explain a lot.
"The site trust that you see here on wealthy affiliate has little to do with your Google rankings and trust, it is more of a gauge for you to track how long your site has been active.

For instance, I once had a site that I didn't post anything on literally for 8 months, and during that time the site trust indicated a rise from 40% all the way up to 100%.

The stats you see here at wealthy affiliate are more just an indicator for how often you are working on your site, nothing to do with the search engines."

Thank you very much for that Gordon makes
me feel somewhat better now :)

Don't get bogged down with numbers Susan, just keep doing what you have been doing this last 4 months and you are going to do just fine.

Thank you Gordon with people like you
to keep me in line I know I will be :)

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