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September 19, 2018
Nailing ItToday has been a busy one for me; I managed to write three posts for three websites get the images, photos, and links all finished. Each of them were over 1000 words each feeling pretty good about my writing abilities at this point.Then I decided to do a little research so I headed on over to Jaaxy and made 3 new lists of keywords to use for the future. All three are for niche websites that I may or maynot do considering I still have the four to work on at this point but all of them
An Update with Things Learned I have only been with WA for two and half months now but it feels like so much longer. I do training and work on my websites every single day.I help out in Live Chat as much as I can because I feel paying it forward for everything I am receiving here from all the experienced members should go to newer members than I or possibly even some who have been here longer than I.More experienced members think that because I have set up four websites than I cannot handle the
August 25, 2018
Everyone that I talk to at WA knows me as Marley2016; and I do spend quite some time on Live Chat to pay forward everything I have been learning in my short two months here.I try to answer questions and follow all the rules that are laid out by WA and the other members in the Live Chat and in the NO NO Rules.Now although in the past I have followed these rules I have received comments from other members of WA stating that I am not properly following the rules and this goes in both directions TH
July 23, 2018
To the wonderful family I have found here at WA, I would love to extend my gratitude for all the help I have received so far. Being here less than a month the learning experience alone was so worth every single penny to join WA. I will be very honest here I have tried more than one of the Push Button Get Rich Quick scams out there, to find no support let alone trying to understand the actual program hahaha! Seriously I am not stupid but for some of us that is how we learn from our mistakes,
July 14, 2018
Hello world of Wealthy Affiliates, so happy to be here. It has been 10 days since I have gone Premium and I must admit my brain is frying lol. I am through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Bootcamp. Training HQ I have been through Level 1,2, and 3. I have set up two websites with my graphics and affiliate links also, advertising for Amazon related to my websites topics. I have gone through and completed what Kyle has said to accomplish and honestly I must admit I am worn out. This is the most inten
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