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November 07, 2018
Call of the WildThis is an excuse we would use on our absentee form when we were in high school and missed a day or should I say skipped out a day of school.Thinking back this was not really very acceptable to the teachers or office personnel back then but somehow they left it pass.Or is it because possibly they never really read what was on the excuse form that our parents were to sign and return for why we missed the day of school?Back then I never really noticed that people do not read thing
November 05, 2018
What Does WA Mean to Me?I did a post for "What Does WA Mean to You?" and gave a few people an answer to what they put for their answer to this question. Did not get the response I was hoping for but hey :(In all fairness letting people know what WA means to me as a member and individual would only be appropriate.Before getting into my exact feelings on this subject I would like to take the time to thank everyone who took the time to respond to my blog and read what it was about.I do NOT have a
November 03, 2018
What is Enough TimeEveryone complains about time and how much they never enough time to do the things they want or there is never enough time in a day to accomplish everything that needs to be done.It is my belief that if one gets their life organized then there should always be enough time to accomplish any goals that you set for yourself or your family.The largest mistake that people make is not having a schedule or routine to their lives each day this does not have to be specific but having
What Does Wealthy Affiliates Mean to You?This is a question I would like to ask everyone here at WA to give me an answer on, "Why?" you might ask.I do not think with all the members here that we would get very many answers the same if no one knew what another was going to answer in a secret type answer box.Many people came here looking for an opportunity to make money online not knowing what to expect - I sure did.But that does not really explain what WA means to you!Some came here to learn aff
October 29, 2018
Helping HandsI have not been a WA member for that long only going to be four months at the beginning of November but what I wanted to relay to all of you out there is WA has more Helping Hands than you will find in all your travels.How far do these Helping Hands seriously reach you might ask? In the past month alone I have witnessed people helping in Live Chat with problems and questions and this is just a small helping hand.People reading blog posts and commenting helping answer questions fro
October 24, 2018
Up Up Up and AwayWhat in the world can this be referring to you might ask? I would be hoping that it would be rankings on Google but that is not the case sorry :(Working very hard for the past almost four months I have come to the conclusion this is one of the greatest places on earth.Things people fail to realize when they are new here (including myself):How important following the training is - I followed but did I apply and absorb it correctly?Keyword Research - I looked up Keywords and use
Mark the CalendarThis morning I was checking my Website Dashboard and for each of my five websites I wanted to make sure that my Site Health was staying up to where I wanted it which is Awesome.All but one website is at Awesome for Site Health and for this to get up there I needed Site Comments so I put in for those immediately.But then I noticed something else all of the websites are ranked in Google; WHAT?? this included the website that I have not yet purchased a domain for it is still on th
October 16, 2018
Staying on the PathThis particular saying could mean many things to different people for example to stay on a path to keep people off of property that they should not go on as in trespassing. For others as myself staying on the path means creativity for working and how to accomplish goals for life.When I think of this it brings to mind of when I was younger and the older generation telling us to stay on the straight and narrow path meaning never get into trouble and do right by others.Growing
Does Owning your own .com Matter?Before writing this post I went and did a little research around WA site to see if I could find any information to answer this question.Found how long until you can rank with your website or how long does it take to get indexed but nothing to really answer this question.So I decided to place my findings on a blog for everyone to know what I have found out by waiting for three months before purchasing my own domain name.Playing Things SafeI am not a person to rus
October 01, 2018
My First Local SEO WebsiteThree months into WA and I decide to get brave, I was talking to a young lady who started her own cleaning business at the beginning of the year.She lives close by me and I had to pick my friends little girl up from the bus and ran into her. I asked how the business was coming and she said things were picking up and she would need to hire help soon.I decided to open my big mouth and ask her if she would be interested in setting up a website for her business; and to my