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November 30, 2018
Go Big or Go Home"What does this have to do with WA?" you are wondering trying to find a title for a blog can be difficult if you want to grab attention.The same goes for on your Website - keywords are very important but that title needs to grab people's attention for them to click on the page.So when you research a keyword how to fix the title to contain a keyword with captivation? How do you turn it into something eye grabbing enough so people want to open your page instead of someone else'
November 29, 2018
People Helping PeopleWhat does this have to do with WA you are wondering? Think about the community here and what we do for each other WA is about people helping people.Working on a niche website what we want to do is help other people find what they are looking for and no matter what type of niche you are in that is what you are doing helping people.Solving problems for others all around the world by building a website with all the research and knowledge that we have is what is helping others
GoDaddyHello all WA members, how many of you came here from GoDaddy and have decided to stay?How many of the members that have come here have actually referred to GoDaddy as being cheaper than WA?I am sure none of us really know the answers to these questions but thought that a comparison of the two might be something to look at as new members enter the community.As, Premium Members we all know that WA is a great community of like-minded online business people coming here to learn the skills to
November 26, 2018
Does Failure Lead to Success?This is something I have been thinking about all morning and wondering if the failures in my life will lead to success?Spending money in the past looking for a profitable work from home online system never yielded anything for me they were scams plain and simple.Finding WA and the community here has lead me on a journey to seeing that success online can be possible with the proper amount of patience and work.Five months in and the very first website I built ended up
November 23, 2018
All I Want for ChristmasWith the Christmas holiday right around the corner and many WA affiliates thinking of getting ready for promotions for the Christmas holidays this is some thoughts I would like to share with everyone.Right after Thanksgiving is over we have Black Friday here in the United States and people run out to get all the latest things that the children want along with the newest gadgets for themselves all at discount sale prices.This has never been a thing that I wanted to partic
November 21, 2018
How Bad Do You Want Success?Last night I was feeling rather down and reading through the blog posts of other members finding that this was not just affecting me but others here within the WA community.Some members I see daily were not around and I dropped them a PM making sure things with them were alright.The replies which came back reflected the same feelings of blogs in the community and my own just an all around blah day for them as well.The weather here is changing with winter setting in b
November 20, 2018
Welcome, One and AllI was debating with doing a blog post for just new members or everyone here at WA and then thought we are all here for the same reason, right? Therefore, I have addressed this to one and all meaning the new members as well as the members who have some time here at WA!This blog is mostly for the new members who are joining or for some who may have been absent from the platform for some time.As most of us because this is not always the case, we do have some young people that
Hello WA members,I Am RealWe communicate through a virtual world here at WA which in today's world is become the norm for life.But I am wondering how many of us really think about the people we are communicating with?Every day I look forward to seeing the people who have become a part of my life through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.When they are not around I get worried wondering if they are alright are they taking a break, have they become ill, or did something happen?Fortunately for me I ha
November 12, 2018
How Many WordsQuestion for WA members on average how many words do you write in a month? Is there a specific number of words we should be writing and adding to our website?Average posts are to be around 1000 words is what we have been taught and where I try to keep all my posts some are more some are less but I try not to use fillers.I prefer to read things which come straight to the point and give me the information I am looking for and this is what I have been trying to accomplish with my wr
November 08, 2018
Senior CitizensHello all senior citizens of WA,This is not going to be a regular blog tonight I am here for a rant of rants. I just received a Site Comment which yes I requested for one of my posts "Jobs for Senior Citizens".This post was for promoting WA to senior citizens who are looking for a way to supplement their retirement income and having a difficult time finding regular employment because of their age.I fall into this particular category and did not find the comment left very accepta