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Affiliate MarketingWA Premium Members we are here to make money if I am not mistaken, and earning commissions is the way we are going to do that right?We have many programs to chose from when looking for affiliates to promote for but are taught that they need to fit into our niche and we need to select wisely.After being here for the past months I am finding that promoting products within my niche are not going to earn much in the way of commissions due to Amazon and others offer a small percen
Same Old Topic - Site Comments UGH!I know that many members here are tired of reading the blog posts about getting awful comments that we use our credits for meaning we have put in our time and paid for these credits we are requesting for our own websites.Even since certain members have found out they can make a little extra money by doing the comments things have gone down hill quickly.Prior to WA paying members for comments once they reached 50 comments and became certified commentors members
January 13, 2019
Progress Report Is InI would have never thought this could happen for me, last night at around 2 am I submitted my new URL to the search engines and less than an hour ago it has been indexed by Google!YES, Google finally is showing me some of the Google love, six months is a long time to wait for something like this to happen but I am willing to wait as long as it takes.Now, for the rest of the progress report for this week the numbers are now in and tabulated, surpassing last week's goals I ma
Website and WineWhat could a website and wine possibly have in common you might ask? As wine ages people that drink a fine wine knows that aging is necessary for a good wine.When a woman is told she is aging like a fine wine this a very nice compliment but only the older people of WA would be aware of this.But even with that how does a website and wine become connected? As I was reading blog post's I had read one from a young lady that had a website and did not have any traffic.She decided to
Road to Success is Paved with FailureThis is the first update for progress on how I am doing keeping up with all the tasks I laid out at the end of 2018.I must admit the road is harder that I felt it was going to be but so far I am keeping on track with what I want to get accomplished for the month of January.The goal for getting posts out for the week was 18 but I failed with only 14 finished and posted to the websites. There are another 2 setting in Site Content waiting to be edited and at l
January 02, 2019
Thank You WA MembersPlease, everyone, I do not want you to take this in the wrong way. I worked hard and long hours to make Ambassador status with WA, but I have also been working on improving my websites during the hours I am not actively helping other members.I did not complete the goals that I wanted to finish by the end of 2018 and this is very disappointing for me, but I had no idea what I was running into doing the Boot camp training.Now that I am toward the end there is so much work to
December 31, 2018
Here There is 5 Hours Left in 2018For some 2019, has already arrived, but in my part of the world there is still 5 hours left and in other parts of the world there is still more hours left in 2018.The image at the top has meaning for me, I created it for a specific reason because I could not find something that would be fitting of this blog post.2018 held much heartache for me, when my husband passed away at the end of January so unexpectedly I had no desire to do anything.For months, I would g
December 30, 2018
Where Are You Going In 2019?To answer this question I think you should look back and reflect upon the road that has led you to this place where we are right now.For me, in another three days it will be my 6 month anniversay here at Wealthy Affiliate and what a six months this has been.Learning in more ways than one about many factors of affiliate marketing, website building, marketing, content, SEO, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, more, and more!But not just this there is a learning don
Twas the Night Before ChristmasAnd all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouseThe stockings were hung by the chimney with care In hopes that St. NIcholas soon would be there The dogs were all nestled all snug in their bedsWhile visions of doggie bones danced in their headsSince I am still researchng and writing a blog Sitting here starring my brain in a fogThen all of a sudden my brain started to clickFingers were typing away they went quickThen what to my blood shot eyes
December 22, 2018
Work Progress vs Work ProcessIn order to define what I am talking about here we need to know the meaning of the words progress and process - most of us know they have two different meanings but for clarity’s sake:Progress is a movement forward or toward a place which is the process of improving or developing something over a period of time. Therefore, Progress!Process is a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.So in order for us to achieve progress on a dai