Milestone Month: $100+ commissions!

Last Update: May 29, 2018

FINALLY I'm at the point where things are starting to go UPWARDS and I'm hoping it's going to keep going up, up, up from here!

I joined WA in Aug 2016, spent a full year and a bit building a big site that I finally understood was never really going to get anywhere, money-wise. I started fresh 6 months ago taking what I learned and building a new site that is actually beginning to now really take off! On it, I'm now to 80-100 organic visitors/day, and this month I finally topped $100 commission for the 1st time (purely Amazon at this point).

I'm feeling great about this. I know it's "only" $100, but it's giving me a real sense of relief that at some point in the not-toooooo-distant future I'll be able to say this affiliate marketing gig is actually profitable haha. (I started my first site in August 2016... I have yet to earn back the 2 yearly fees plus the domain fees. I'm CLOSE though, yay!!)

I think once I'm actually making some nice money with this (I mean "big picture", revenue minus all expenses), I'll be willing to actually tell people about this hobby/stay-at-home "thing" I do called "affiliate marketing". So far, just my husband and 3 or 4 select friends and family know that I put hundreds of hours in the evenings into website building and writing... am I weird for keeping it quiet?

Anyhow, wanted to put this out there, make a prediction, perhaps... that eventually I'm going to have one profitable website! It CAN be done! :)

I'll post again at my first $1000 month!

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furkan2665 Premium
congrats :)
Cath88 Premium

Great news -- glad you are now seeing results!! : )

Wishing you continued success, Marlaine!

phakacha8 Premium
Hey there,
Can't help but join commenting this kind of success stories!
You've attested our efforts don't go wasted.
Catching you up.

MKearns Premium
Oscar19855 Premium
Awesome! What a milestone. Congratulations. I can’t wait for my first 100 dollars to roll in.

And about being quiet, you’re not the only one. My wife, and only one friend know about this. And yes, hundreds and hundreds of hours in the late evenings, night and weekends. I’m here since October 2017 and still waiting for the big thing to happen: earn money. But I do enjoy my time here, and I have learned sooo much. Grateful for ever. And money is not the only thing that drives me, but it plays a role

Wish you luck and success.

MarlaineB Premium Plus
Glad to know I'm not the only one keeping mum about it until it's successful. :)
I tell myself it's a hobby for now, because yes, I enjoy it too! It's definitely not just about the money for me either... honestly, I think having something to learn and use my brain with has saved me from going crazy in these "early mothering years".