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Last Update: December 31, 2014

Happy New Year to all the Wealthy Affiliate Family, just one reminder “you be safe” we’re not the only ones who need to see you again.. Ok so I will get down off the soap box I got no business being there anyway.

First off I want to take a moment and tell the newbies to WA, that this is in fact The Best Internet Marketing Course out there. If your new to WA welcome come on in. If your on the fence! well just get down and come in (we don’t bite). And if your thinking about leaving, you’ll be back. We’ll even leave the light on. :)

Wealthy Affiliate - The Place to Be

I’ve just completed Course 2 and as part of the class I’m giving you a little update. I started this journey at WA. in November. I know your probably saying well Markus whats taking you so long? It truly hasn’t though as I just take my time to digest everything here. Before I got here, Hell I was convinced by the Gurus out there that I was lost without them and was told there is no place to learn any of this except by them.

Today I’m shocked with myself at how far I’ve come by just following some simple steps not to mention the help all of you here at WA. has given to me. Today I don’t have to pay someone to build a website for me, I can do it on my own. :)

Its not the best that it can be but it will be in time. But I done it yea! Its not monetized yet but will be soon enough.

While I have you attention go take a look at my site and give me some luv at:

Please leave me a comment, I’ll return the favor. I just installed the social buttons if you would go ahead and click the g+1 button as its the only one that is connected to site. Will do FB and Twitter this weekend.

Navigating The Seas - With Your Help

I’ll be getting underway with Course 3 and I can’t wait for that adventure as I’m sure it’s going to be a ride.

There are many things I could be proud of, but I’m most proud of you guys here at WA. for your shoulder to lean on, your time and sincerity. But mostly cause you let me hang here with you.

In the next 3 months I plan on having the first site making some kind of dinero ( little Mexican lingo) and try to get 2 -3 more up and running. 6 months from now a few more sites with more cash flow an more of an understanding on internet marketing and continue the courses here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Well I sure hope I haven’t bored you much. If your new to Wealthy Affiliate, this won’t get you rich fast but it will help you build your goals out to anything you plan on.

Just follow the steps one at a time, ask questions and do something everyday. Keep your dream alive after all the universe brought you here.

I’m off now to try and help some people here, talk to you all soon. Thank you Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle/Carson


PS. I hope my g+1 authority is working correctly. :)

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DWestbury Premium
Hi Marcus,
Love the website, love your passion.

As I said on your website comments only thing missing on your website is a video of you doing what you love best, playing the guitar, go for it buddy, as you mentioned don't be
Better go as I've got some lesson catching up to do!

All the best..
MarkusSA Premium
Hey David just saw the comment. Yep thats coming and I do hope you check back every now and then. I know what you mean with catching up I'm doing the same.