Playing Guitar For a Living - Better Get A Plan!

Last Update: Apr 8, 2022


When I was out playing this time around, as always a few peeps there want to know how to do what I do. So I posted Playing Guitar For a Living to help them out.

But before I give you that little bit of information. I thought I would pass on this (what I think is funny) infographic image. So this is for those who think they want to play an instrument, but don't know which one to play. So if you just follow the chart it could just help you find that perfect instrument for you.

So there you have it folks, now even you can determine which instrument is best suited for you :) While we're here I found this on Youtube and I don't know of anyway to give it's author his kudos for it within this pic on this blog. Also found the author on G+. So whilst I've got you here, if you know of how I could do that please let me know as its only right.

Whats in a Picture

We've all seen something like this in the blogs by our very own members. Like you I have my favorites that I follow. On Sundays like you I also wait for Robert (boomergp08) to post his blog. Not only does it entertain us but he teaches us along the way, mostly with images.

Then we have Labman who just recently went through a series of small picture base posts. Then in the end he showed us how he tied his message into those images. And you got to admit that was some good photo shoots there.

Cute picture I know huh? If I understood Labman right well my brains (yes I said my brains!) told me since I play music in such a way as to provoke an emotion then all I had to do was find the image that best represents that emotion and use it in my post as an anchor.

So if when you saw this image and your heart went pitter patter an you got a sense of being afraid and helpless. Then just maybe in my post anyway I've connected with that musician who's bought the un-truths of the music industry and gotten nowhere with no ideas left on how to move their career forward.

Hows This Tie in With Wealthy Affiliate?

Well dah! I learned it here brotha, just like you I'm a student here yep I is. But first lets take a picture break, cuz homie I just want too.

Ok so lets get back to our seats and please put them in the up-right position and put your trays away. Thats a little airline lingo for you lol. God I'm traveling way to much. Anyways this has a lot to do with us here at Wealthy Affiliate, and even more so for the newbies coming in. More on Homer in a second.

Like the image of that scared little puppy above most of us (but not all) that are lucky enough to find WA. come here feeling this way. I mean all you want to do is build a business right? And your tired of giving up your first born to do it, am I right! someone give me an amen brotha! There are people here to help you that don't want your child.

If you've come here by way of some others blog, post, invite or hell maybe even my post here. Here at Wealthy Affiliate you learn how to build a business from the foundation up. Everything you need to do that is here, and whats crazy about that is the support you have from this community is second to none. Not to mention the gurus that are with in these walls to help you along your path.

Did I say guru's oops! they don't think that way here. For example Labman won't remember this as I sure he's said it to others as well. He helped me when I first come here. When he was done I thanked him an mentioned that it was great to be able to learn from a guru like him. (something of that nature) He promptly said no Markus like you I'm just a student here as well. That statement has held by all the teachers here.

But like anything this takes work, and your going to have to do it yourself. Keep up your lessons, and when you fall we'll help you back up on the right track. If you want a business you cant be like Homer Above and do things half assed. Do it like your being taught and eventually it will all come together like we've taught. So don't take Homers advice here.

And if your still reading this, then you can see the effect of the training on me. It wasn't so long ago that I said Oh! geez I can't write more than 200 to 300 words. Guess WA was right, now 1500 words just don't seem to be enough sometimes. lol

Now To Wrap This Up

Now that ought to get those peeps off that plane in a hurry don't you agree! What does this image have to do with anything? Nothing my friend absolutely nada. Hope it puts a smile on your face and when the next time your standing in the aisles waiting to disembark the craft you'll remember this image.

In reality all I want to do was to utilize my blog here, say a few words, maybe entertain a bit and just BS with y'all (southern lingo). And to some how point this article to my post I did for new guitar players titled Playing Guitar For a Living. You can read it there if you like. If your new here, you can do this hola if you need help.



Heres the credit for that infographic at the beginning;

Recent Comments


Amen brotha!

I'm in tune with your post Markus and it's fitting my bill today. You may have heard this but - what do you call the guy that hangs out with a band?

The drummer.


We've got 2 that we roll with, a drummer an a percussionist. If they weren't such cool kats we wouldn't be seen in public with them :)

That's cool man. Nothing like musicians razzin' their bandmates.

When you get that 50'er and settle in the Caribbean let me know. Maybe I'll swim by and say hi. I'll bring my guitar too.

Amen Brotha, I am from West Virginia, but live in Texas with my fine guitar pickin husband who plays classical. He doesn't play for a livin though, he has always taught school. You have succeeded in entertaining me.
Labman may say he isn't a guru, but we all know he is.
Thanks for the laughs and truths about WA. You cannot half ass it!

Thank you glad to bring a smile.

well me being a southern boy from the great state of Texas would say to yaall have done what you wanted to achieve all the best and oh yeah YeeeeeHaaaaaa

Hey Maxiam59, Yeeee Haaaa right back at you. Haven't seen you in awhile its good to see you. Hey thanks for reading and lets keep it southern. Yaall come back now!


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