Just Completed Coarse 1

Last Update: November 15, 2014

Well its been a wonderful week here at WA. I've made it thru Coarse #1 with 2 days and 5 hrs left on my free membership. Now I know what your thinking! wow he's slow lol. Nope not at all as I took my time and didn't rush the coarse. This coarse was done in such an easy simple way anyone can do it. Well for most anyway I on the other hand without this guidance would have made this more complicated than it is and got nothing done. Being new to this is such a bummer, for us newbies we tend to listen to everyone. The next thing is your on info. overload and still not clear what the first steps are. I have to confess that I always knew what they were but was afraid to do it because! wonder if that guru was right and I really do need that product before I can start properly so that google won't slap me down shortly after I start. on an on :-)

I come here to WA looking for the right help and for hopefully a support group around me to help keep me accountable and do what I'm suppose to do without reinventing the wheel. Here at WA I set out to do it the way I'm told, lo and behold it simply worked. As I see it WA does have the best training, community support only wished I got here earlier.

I do plan to stay around for along time to learn more and build my business. Looking forward to talking and working with many of you. Thanks so much for your help.


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Philmont2014 Premium
Best of luck with everything, Markus!

MarkusSA Premium
Thank you Chuck sure do appreciate it. Back to you my friend.
Maxiam59 Premium
nice to meet you and just follow your lessons at your own pace and apply them and you can and will be successful all the best
MarkusSA Premium
Thanks Maxiam59 for your support. I do look forward to them.
jasontw111 Premium
I'm happy for you, keep up the good work and it will all come together nicely.
Best wishes
MarkusSA Premium
Thank you Jason that really does mean a lot. I'm gonna follow so keep in contact. Talk to ya soon