Importance of Following Outline of The Coarse - Step by Step

Last Update: December 13, 2014

Today I'm in the middle of just cleaning up some "to do things" in Course 2 in Wealthy Affiliate. Now I for one am really excited about this. Being somewhat of a newbie to all this and finally getting to the point where I know a little bit about the functionality of a basic website just thrills me to no end. And I know with the training and help from all you good people here at WA, there's no doubt in my mind I will succeed online. But enough about me and on to what this is about.

Anyways just tidying up here within Course 2 and so far I've moved my SiteRubix to WA hosting with my own domain name yea! All I've got to do now is: change author in WordPress from admin to Markus then connect all the google things :) Authority,Analytics,GWT then connect the sitemaps and wha la! The hard part for me will be done. (all that techie stuff whew!) I've even created a Youtube and a Facebook for the site. Anyway on to the main crux of post.

So while cleaning house here in coarse 2 I've gone over and reviewed the things I haven't completed as of yet. And Kyle has said in the video part of the lesson that I need to write a blog about what I learned in the WordPress editor! Well I kinda knew a little about the editor anyway but he did have some really good pointers about what you can do with it. So I didn't come away with out learning anything in there. He did lose me on the sidebar part about the Categories section. I'm still lost with that idea and what it is for, I'm sure I will find out or figure out how to work it soon enough though.

Back to the video, Kyle was splaining :) about what I could do with the editor and he said I could change even the post/name but if I did that to make sure I changed the permalink as well. Then he went on to conclude that I could do this (post name/permalink change) at any point before I published the post and to never do this after Google has index you! I immediately thought HOLY &%#!.

You see last night after the Hot Seat Hangout with Jay as I said I move my site, then I decided to change a few of those things (permalink, SEO descriptions, etc) only to find out today while cleaning up that I should have not done that at this point. So today I have this yuk feeling in the bottom of my stomach wondering what Google is going to do with my new site, not a good feeling at all and I'm sure I'll find out. Guess we live an learn.

In conclusion to this post (as I talk way to damn much) and the point. I have a tendency to go thru the entire lesson, come back to the beginning then complete what I think is the hard parts, then come back once again and (as I said clean house) finish the course! I do believe that most all of us have this very tendency, it's just human nature I guess. The Point!

Wealthy Affiliate has the best course's one could ever go through to learn how to be successful online and they're very easy to understand and do. All the course's are laid out in a Step by Step fashion. So if you don't want that sick feeling in your stomach from doing something you shouldn't have, just follow these lessons the way they are laid out and thats Step by Step. You'll succeed and feel good as well at what you have accomplished. It's just that easy.

PS, that was a great lesson about the editor and I learned a lot. lol :-)



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jasontw111 Premium
Yes I agree it needs to be followed step by step and do every singlr task that is put before you. This will put you on the road to a really successful website