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When I was out playing this time around, as always a few peeps there want to know how to do what I do. So I posted Playing Guitar For a Living to help them out.But before I give you that little bit of information. I thought I would pass on this (what I think is funny) infographic image. So this is for those who think they want to play an instrument, but don't know which one to play. So if you just follow the chart it could just help you find that perfect instrument for you.So there you have it f
Happy New Year to all the Wealthy Affiliate Family, just one reminder “you be safe” we’re not the only ones who need to see you again.. Ok so I will get down off the soap box I got no business being there anyway. First off I want to take a moment and tell the newbies to WA, that this is in fact The Best Internet Marketing Course out there. If your new to WA welcome come on in. If your on the fence! well just get down and come in (we don’t bite). And if your thinking about leaving, y
Today I'm in the middle of just cleaning up some "to do things" in Course 2 in Wealthy Affiliate. Now I for one am really excited about this. Being somewhat of a newbie to all this and finally getting to the point where I know a little bit about the functionality of a basic website just thrills me to no end. And I know with the training and help from all you good people here at WA, there's no doubt in my mind I will succeed online. But enough about me and on to what this is about. Anyways just
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November 23, 2014
I think this is where I do this? The training said to get some feed back so here I am. I look forward to the direction I need to go in with this. There are no affiliate links in this site as I was told first to just get some traffic by working on the keywords that are low hanging :-) Then just keep adding content. I'm not sure how that works with the keyword tool but I tried. Gotta go do the day gig thing when I'm done I will check back and see what your responses where. Thanks so much for your
November 15, 2014
Well its been a wonderful week here at WA. I've made it thru Coarse #1 with 2 days and 5 hrs left on my free membership. Now I know what your thinking! wow he's slow lol. Nope not at all as I took my time and didn't rush the coarse. This coarse was done in such an easy simple way anyone can do it. Well for most anyway I on the other hand without this guidance would have made this more complicated than it is and got nothing done. Being new to this is such a bummer, for us newbies we tend to list