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I recently read a post from @Loes regarding marketing tips and was drawn in particular to the linking section. then researched some other posts and as always Jay has done a webinar on internal linking an excellent shorter post by @nathaniell I spent about an hour or so this morning making a structure mind map of my site. You should
I have really been concentrating on making use of social media to encourage traffic to my site.I use a PC most of the time. However I am still very active on my phone and Tablet.This is all great except when it comes to posting on Instagram from my PC.So I have found a neat app/program for my PC that emulates an android and hence I can use the android version of Instagram on my PC.Yay...Here is my first post from my PC did all this by using
Been playing with the Jaaxy site ranking feature and was pleasantly surprised to find a number of my pages are ranking in the top 200.The keyword I was focusing on was ranked #5 page 1I also looked at google webmaster tools and saw I was doing better for a different keyword for the same post.Put it through Jaaxy and low and behold I am #3 on page 1, behind wikipedia and some random news site with no real content ??
I have a travel blog and have recommended in a couple of posts, a campsite to stay at, I actually live there.Upon investigation I find not only do they not have an "Online booking system" they don't even have a website.So I took the bull by the horns and purchased a domain, made a quick mockup site for them with a booking system.... and guess what?It's a go. Remeber its a TEMP Mock Up site not the finished thingNow the great thing is we are doing a "barter deal" we have agree
May 23, 2017
I often see folk asking for comments on their posts and when you go to comment there is no where available to comment.This is easily fixed in a number of ways.This training is very good by @beauandnik :- solution is to got to Dashboard=>Posts=>All posts, then on each post you want comments turned on or off, click quick edit and check "Allow comments".That simple.Here is a related post of mine.
I know others have written on this subject, but I guess at the end of the day we all have our own slant on things.I got introduced to mind maps some time ago as a brain storming idea.I still use them for that, but these days I also see them as a very useful planning aid.This is a mind map I recently did for my latest mammoth post I have Just competed. are some variances between the post and the mind map but the basic structure is the sam
May 09, 2017
Learnt a little thing today that I wanted to share with you."The Elevator Pitch"We are constantly being told that we only have a very short period of time to engage our readers and that we have to grab their attention or inform them, very early on in the piece, as to what our site is all about. Many visitors won't go directly to the "About page" unless you have gotten some interest already.One way or the other our site visitors land on a post and they wonder "where in the WildWorldWeb am I?" Ha
May 07, 2017
But I'm pleased to announce I have completed another course.Onward and upward.Mark
I like to think I am quite active in giving comments on posts.One main thing I am noticing on so many sites, is when the author or owner of the site replies, they are using the "admin" log on.Kyle did a specific lesson on this here:- my humble opinion it is crucial to sign with your name, either pen or real.It just gives so much more authenticity (had to use spell check for that one lol) to you, your post and your site.So please, go redo th
I am extremely proud of myself tonight as I have made the top 200 on Wealthy Affiliate in a very short space of time, just over a month.My friends and colleagues will tell you I am not the type to boast and always downplay my skills and achievements etc. So this is most unusual for me to boast about this achievement.I owe it to ALL you awesome members of Wealthy Affiliate. Many have helped me, I have commented and been active online and even helped somewhere I have been able to.This goes to pro