What does Google want from me?

Last Update: September 14, 2019

I've had this dance with Google. Unfortunately, as per expected, I can't seem to take the lead. I've been up and down with consistency the first month and a half. But now, I'm very consistent. (This is the tail end of my 3rd month).

Anyway, my Publishing Frequency keeps shifting on my site management on WA. It gives me 6 days, then 5 days, now 3! days before it drops 10%. BUT I AM BEING CONSISTENT!! I

I can't do 3 blogs a week like I read people do here. My niche is psychological based, not product based. So it takes more time to write quality content. Why is Google pressuring me? Or is it WA? It's frustrating when you are producing content every 5-7 days and it isn't enough.

It's also funny to me, how people say, "As long as you're writing quality content, Google will recognize your site... Well, seriously, how does Google know? Do they have proof readers? Please someone hip me to what's up.

I'm not going to stop producing content, but if there are guidelines, it would be helpful.

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