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Last Update: August 02, 2019

Training for success. It sounds exciting on paper. We view that vision, that end result, of where we want to go or who we want to become. It motivates us and gets us started . We tell our friends, family, co-workers; whomever seems to be interested. We plug away for a good amount of time. Then the obstacles come. Do we stay the course or throw in the towel?

We can forget to vision obstacles. We had that positive external vision. Maybe we even had an internal vision of how success would feel once we reached it. But most of us forget to vision the reality of obstacles we will encounter along the way; both externally and internally. It is the company we never want to keep. The truth is that, that company will always come unannounced and uninvited.

It will frustrate us. It can bring us to anger. It may even cause us to quit; despite all the hard work and progress we've made. Success is elusive. That is why it seems like a dream to most.

But isn't that why we're here?: To learn how to succeed, to overcome any obstactles that we encounter, learn from them, and keep moving forward? Here at WA we can literally write a better future for ourselves.

It's important to vision how you will deal with obstacles: How you will feel. How you will react. And then when they come you can be prepared and overcome them and win that fight all successful people have.

I'm dealing with all of the above. Heck, I don't like publicly sharing thoughts like this, but here I am doing it. So, if you feel any way like I expressed, just know you're not alone.

- Mark G

My website is coming along. I don't have it fully together, but you're welcome to check it out. There's a lot of good reads there! My niche is How To Read People. The site is and you are welcome to give feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

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TeodorAxinte Premium
Great speech, Mark. I totally agree with you. Keep going this way.
MarkG75 Premium
Thank you