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February 12, 2018
I recently wrote a post here at Wealthy Affiliate and almost immediately became the victim of a cyber bully. Website Backup and Migration (Caution, it's a bit of a Rant)There's over 30 comments by one "new" member, most of which are personal and racial attacks. At first I didn't know who this "new" person was but a friend sent me a private message giving me some irrefutable clues to his identity. A person named Bob had left WA at the same time as this "new" person arrived. And my friend linked
My backup plugin of choice (WP Clone) has not been updated for a long time and has not been tested with the latest version of WordPress. Even so, I used it to move a website from one hosting company to another last week without any problems.Normal size websiteBut, in all fairness, I thought I should test out a different plugin to see if I should make a change.I've read that All In One WP Migration is free, easy to use, reliable, and it works. And there's over 900,000 active installations. Wrong
February 04, 2018
I hope you have a very happy day Loes. February 5thWrite something on her wall
January 29, 2018
I get comment spam just about every day. Most of the time I don't even bother to read it because my plugin marks it as spam and I trust my plugin. However, this one made me giggle. It's obviously been through an article spinner which turns out cr*p like this:"We believe that alone a expert paragrapher can genius visionary content that’s nothing abbreviated of perfect and brings the most skilfully results. Immigration problem is about us not them essay illinois. Every online attempt writer
There's a new year just around the corner. Are you prepared for it?Some themes will automatically update the copyright notice in the footer and some don't. Here's a way you can make sure that your website shows the copyright for the current year. Now and for all time.Training: Update Your Footer CopyrightAs always, I'm here to help you,
December 24, 2017
Best wishes to all my online friends from Adelaide, South Australia.May you know peace, joy and prosperity now and in the coming new year.
I've just read a post at stating that the Captcha plugin has been removed from the WordPress repository because the new plugin owners have inserted a backdoor into the code.Basically they've added stuff to the code which creates an updated version of the plugin with an extra file which allows anyone access to the website.With over 300,000 installs of the plugin this is a serious situation.If you have the Captcha plugin installed on your website then please deactivate and dele
December 18, 2017
Wealthy Affiliate is an international community. The main language we speak (write) here is English. But not everyone has English as their first language. So sometimes the subtle nuances get lost in the translation.And because we are not chatting face to face we have no idea of the other person's facial expressions and body language. Misunderstanding will occur from time to time. It's inevitable.And even people who have English as their first language may be under stress because things are not
Just a quickie post today. You don't have to be an HTML coding expert to add a little pizzazz to your website. Paste this code into a Custom HTML widget:<marquee>Have a happy Christmas!</marquee>Change the text in the middle to whatever you like.I've used a Custom HTML widget for breaking news on my website MarionBlackOnline dot com.What can you do on your site?
November 25, 2017
When we're writing a new post it's only natural to want that post to be perfect. So we keep tweaking it and procrastinating trying to reach that elusive state of perfection.Stop doing that to yourself.Apply the 80/20 rule, if it's 80% perfect then in most cases it's good enough. Get it out there so people can read it.Remember published beats perfect every time.