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Update thanks to LabmanCraig (Labman) left this link which explains what happened and why I received this email out of the blueWordfence blog - Solved: Jetpack Generating Mysterious Admin Email Change MessagesMystery solved!I just received a very suspicious email purporting to be from WordPress dot comFor starters, I have not tried to change the admin email address for this website. So alarm bells started ringing.This site is not hosted at WordPress dot com. Like everyone else here at WA, my si
April 20, 2018
The purpose of your title is to get people to read your first sentence.The purpose of your first sentence is to get people to read the rest of the first paragraph.The purpose of your first paragraph is to get people to read the second paragraph.The purpose of your second paragraph is to get people to read your subheadings. The purpose of your subheadings is to get people to read the paragraph underneath the subheading.The purpose of your final paragraph is to get people to take action. This act
I just received an email from AWeber,This was in response to Woo Hoo! AWeber Has Embraced PayPalSo if anyone asks, yes our blog posts at Wealthy Affiliate reach a huge audience.
I just received an email from AWeber to say "Digital commission payments are here! The AWeber Affiliate Program is now offering commission payments via PayPal! "This is very welcome news for me. In the past I've been receiving paper checks which I had to take to the bank to deposit in my account. The bank charges a hefty fee for currency conversion from USD to AUD. And there's a long wait before the cheque is actually available as funds in my account.Most of my online expenses are in USD, and t
WordPress will soon be releasing a momentous update to the platform. It's the biggest update in around 12 years. Did I say "it's huge"?It's going to revolutionize the way we write and format our blogs. But don't worry. You'll soon get the hang of it when it comes out. And if you're resistant to change there'll be a way to return to the old editor.No one likes change but everyone likes improvements. Gutenberg is an improvement.As usual, there's a plugin for almost everything in WordPress. I've b
I had previously tried the dictation software that comes with Windows 10 but it was absolutely hopeless at understanding my Aussie accent. I also tried Google Docs and that was no good either. Neither of them could understand the word 'affiliate', which is a word I think I'll be using a lot.. And they didn't appreciate it when I shouted at them.Long story short, today I bit the bullet. After Kyle writing about dictation software I decided that I would have a go at using Dragon NaturallySpeaking
I haven't been doing the Bootcamp until this year so I've only ever had a small number of referrals. But I've been fortunate enough that about 10% of my referrals have become premium members.And I've liked getting those "Congratulations! A Recurring WA Commission" emails. But no more.All of my current premium referrals have made the commitment to their businesses by going yearly.Big congratulations to my online friends. By making this commitment they are certain to succeed.So onward and upward.
March 13, 2018
I'm not trying to be a smart*ss but I thought I knew most everyday words in the English language. You know, the simple words we use every day. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I installed the free Grammarly extension to my Chrome browser to see if it would help with the occasional typo. I didn't really expect to learn anything much, I just wanted confirmation that what I was doing was OK and to pick up any silly mistakes.I kinda like the way it underlines errors in red so I can rethink what I'm say
Carson has announced that there's been a change in the way we write posts here at WA... A Brand New Blog Experience...and you're going to love it.So check out Carson's blog and then try it for yourself. Things just keep getting better at Wealthy Affiliate.
It must be the law of attraction working to bring this problem out as a cluster. In the last couple of days I'm seeing a lot of questions and private messages about sitemaps not working properly. And it's not just one person, it's a whole crowd of people.Or maybe it's just Google passing along the message that "your sitemap is not working properly".Whatever, let's look at why this problem is occurring. Your sitemap is generated by a plugin so you don't have to do anything to create it except to