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New Target Date for WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg)The WordPress core team have announced that WordPress 5.0, which incorporates the block editor, code named Gutenberg, is scheduled to be released on December 6th. This is based on the testing, stability and reports on the first two release candidates. A third release candidate is now available for download and testing.A release candidate is a version of the software that, subject to testing, could be the actual release version. It's like saying "this
Do You Need the Classic Editor Plugin? YES! When WordPress 5.0 is released later this month (or perhaps in January next year) the blocks editor (Gutenberg) will be the default way to create and edit posts. The Classic Editor plugin provides a way to use the classic editor we've become used to as a personal choice for all new and existing content. Or, by tweaking the setting as I show in this video we can make a choice between the blocks editor and the classic editor on a post by post basis.Gute
November 15, 2018
Don't let this happen to youIn the last few days I have seen reports of websites being hacked with new users being added with administration rights.The issue was caused by a flaw in the GDPR Compliance plugin. The flaw was rectified very quickly and an update to the plugin is now available. But it's up to you as the website owner to update your plugins. To check if your site has been hacked go to Settings > General and make sure there's no tick in the Membership box for "Anyone can register"
Don't PanicI've seen some misinformation on the internet with people fearing that the upcoming major update to WordPress will break people's websites. This is not the case.Even after the change to the blocks editor your site will look and work exactly as it does now. The difference will only be in the way that you create new content and edit the old stuff.As you know, WordPress converts your new content to static HTML. The HTML for your old content will not be changed when WordPress updates to
WordPress 5.0 release date has been postponed to 27th November, 2018. You can read all about the reasons why at The simple reason is that the new editor is not yet ready for production.If they have to postpone it again then it won't be released before January 2019 as December is always a very busy month for everyone. It's not a good time to release something as huge as a new editor when people are busy with running their businesses.New ThemeThe good news is that the beta version o
UpdateProblem has been resolved. This issue was with my browser not the theme.Read the full story at Weaver Xtreme Support ForumOut of the box, Weaver Xtreme theme may not look as pretty as some. But it's the most versatile free theme I've discovered since I started creating websites way back when. When using Weaver Xtreme, you too can make your website look exactly the way you want.When you install Weaver Xtreme you'll discover that there's a lot of subthemes to choose from. My personal prefer
October 22, 2018
If enough people answer a question then the average answer is usually correct. This is known as the wisdom of the crowd.Here at WA we can access the wisdom of the crowd by asking questions. The first answer you get may be right or it may be wrong. But when enough people answer that question and hit the like button for answers that they believe are correct then the wisdom of the crowd should prevail.So don't rely too heavily on the first answer you receive, just wait a while and reap the benefit
WordPress 5.0 marks the release of the new Gutenberg editor as part of WordPress core. Very soon, Gutenberg will become part of WordPress core. It's a new editor experience which will make creating your posts and pages much easier than before. It includes drag-and-drop functionality to help you design your page just the way you want it to look. For now, the new editor is available as the Gutenberg plugin.Of course, for those who are resistant to improvements and don't want to keep up with the t
October 02, 2018
Today I received a private message from someone who shall remain nameless. The gist of the message was that he had been following my posts for some time and that he really admired my work. He really laid it on thick.And the upshot was that he would like to write a guest post on my website.And the strange thing is that he didn't start following me at wealthy affiliate until after he sent the private message.I wouldn't bother mentioning this except that he has probably sent the exact same copy an
September 29, 2018
There are 56,000+ plugins available at the repository. That's plenty to choose from when you need more functions for your website.So which plugins do I recommend?Only install plugins you really needI recommend only installing plugins that you really need. Badly coded plugins can slow a website down, allow access to hackers, or even break a website. The best recommendation I can give you is to search at for the features you need. Check that the plugin