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August 20, 2015
I have been Premium member for a month now, and I have worked diligently through the lessons. Today I decided to really commit to making a success of my online business and became a premium yearly member. No escape now!I have learned a lot from the support within the community. I was privileged to see some amazing websites some people have produced. The standard was outstanding. I am impressed by the commitment, so many people have to establish their business.The education is second to none.Th
Success is a continuous journey. Have you ever used the term the tipping point? I used it recently when I told my husband I think I have reached the tipping point at last about this business of mine.The look on his face was one of relief! He has believed in me and has always been the support I needed urging me not to give up.The tipping point is when a series of small changes or happenings become great enough to cause a larger more substantial change.For ages, I have been muttering to myself th
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