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How do I move my privacy policy and affiliate disclosure?

How do I move my privacy policy and affiliate disclosure?

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Hi all - I want to move my privacy policy and my affiliate disclosure to the bottom of my website, showing as a link vs. a page on the menu bar. Is there a video showing us how

Maria! I'm waiting to see all the answers you get! there seems to be two minds about this! Great question!


Hi - you can't have your Affiliate Disclosure in the Footer, it needs to be clearly visible, before a reader sees your affiliate links. Check out this training.

I heard you can have the Affiliate Disclosure link on the bottom bar along with your Privacy Policy link ?

Hi - a potential customer needs to be aware that you get commission from purchases before they click on your links. If your disclosure is in the footer, they may not scroll that far to even see it. Take a look at the training link.

Hey , I hear you but I’m sure Jay said in his webinars it can go in the footer ....not a big issues , I’ll move it back but I can keep the Privacy Policy in the footer right ?

Hi - well, I am not doubting what Jay has said, as he is very experienced and has been in this industry a long time. So, I guess it's your decision as to what you want to do. You can certainly have your Privacy Policy in the footer.

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