Which WordPress Themes Would You Like To See An Editing Tutorial For?

Last Update: April 21, 2020

I'm planning to create a few courses that show how to configure WordPress themes so that they look like the "professional demos" that the developers showcase, more than a typical site with a plain blogroll with no completed configurations.

Some themes I have in mind are "news" or "magazine" style, and some are minimal with very little configuration needed.

I've noticed that there are a lot of questions where others do not understand how to do the tasks needed to get their sites looking the way they wish, so I figure that a few tutorials along these lines may help those having troubles.

Many themes already provide thorough documentation on how to configure the design settings, but there are also many that do not.

To help me better understand the types of themes members use here, I'd like for other members to let me know exactly which themes they wish to see a tutorial for.

I can't promise that I can do a course or tutorial for all themes, but there are many that I can.

The theme has to be one that is provided here at WA, it can't be an obscure theme from just anywhere. It should be one that is made available here so that all members can use it.

I'll keep this post rather short, I would just love some feedback from others members before I begin working on the courses.

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MaggieR1 Premium
Hi Marian
Thanks for the initiative you are taking to help with themes tutorials.

I'm currently using bloguten a nice niche but it doesn't give me the joy as I get a lot of breadcrumbs which they are not willing to assist with.

I'm on the health niche not sure which theme to switch to here at WA. Can you perhaps assist with that?

I've done a research on the best themes for 2020 and was attracted to Gutchery theme. I've seen the demo and it is thought to be SEO friendly along with the support they offer. it's not found on WA search space, though.

I'm not sure if I should switch to it or not since you've mentioned that most developers accepted here at WA went through the screening process.

I wonder if generate press will be suitable for my niche?

Thanks a million for your help.
patrickdwyer Premium
Hi Maria,
I am using the food theme provided. I showcase sub niches such as chocolate, vegan, my memories as a chef, recipes,health. Eventually an online store. So far it looks very messy with all the posts dotted randomly over the theme background. I would like somehow the sub niches to live in separate categories, so if you go to recipes they are all together?
The upside to a food theme is that there are so many sub niches that it is not necessary to create other websites per sub niche, or is it? I am a Michelin star chef of 40 years in the industry I think I do have the expertise and authority within my niche. Not just some niche that I have fished for at random.
Any help would be welcome.
Thank you
MariaDale Premium
Patrick, I also have worked in the food service industry, and I currently have 3 food related websites so I understand what you mean about the "sub" categories.

I will make a note to do a tutorial that will be able to show you how to separate everything in a neat fashion, no matter what theme it is that you use.

Or you may can do this on your own, it's using a tag plugin where your "categories" will be laid out in a professional fashion as an organized tag cloud.
patrickdwyer Premium
I have been there already. Add a new plugin with WA just brings you to preordained ones. Yes I have found a "categories" plugin on the net (still with word press). But no chance to add it. Add a plugin only gives you the option of WA recommended plugins.
MariaDale Premium
You can add pretty much any plugin you wish, by downloading the plugin from the developers site and uploading it, but I don't recommend it because not all plugins can be trusted to be "safe".

This is why many web-hosts, not just WA, blocks these sort of plugins.

The plugins provided in the WA search have gone through what I like to call the WordPress Vetting process (my phrase, not a common one).

Plugins can't appear in the WordPress Dashboard search results unless they have been approved by WordPress. This is the same, no matter what host one uses, it's part of the WordPress compliance policy.

The tag cloud plugin I was referring to, is one provided here at WA, so it can be used.

There's literally tens of thousands of plugins, my offer still stands to try and help you achieve what you wish as it can be done.
patrickdwyer Premium
Thanks so much for that. So far I have battled my way through neatening up my site by creating categories so my posts now nestle under their respective categories and not all over the theme screen as before. Now I have an even more worrying concern.
I am working at least 10 hrs a day creating content. I have just watched Jays SEO 101-the basics.
When he creates a post he types in the Meta title, then the description as I do.
But then he goes to an SEO section and repeats the steps.
I cannot fathom how to get to that so fear that all my work has been in vain. My posts all show "no value" for SEO fields.
MariaDale Premium
Patrick, your work has not been in vain. If you would like to send me your site URL via PM, I will look at it and be better to help you.
patrickdwyer Premium
I do appreciate it so much thank you
Twack Premium
I use th efree version of MH Magazine and it looks nothing like the demo, which is fine as far as it goes, it's my random site so I go there when I just need to write. At some point I would like it to look more professional but I'm not sure if that's possible with the free version.
MariaDale Premium
Twack could you PM me the link to your website? I am very familiar with the MH Magazine theme, and even the free version can look very professional.

One of the great things about how Wordpress handles themes that are submitted to be searched within the WordPress Dashboard is that they have somewhat strict rules that developers must adhere to.

One of them being, the screenshot must be for the actual submitted theme, and can not be for the "premium" version. It has to show exactly what the user gets, when they install the theme.

Now some developers do slip through the cracks by not adhering to the rules, but MHThemes is known to be one of the best theme developers around.

Thanks for the feedback, I will certainly add this one near the top of my list.
BandulaD Premium
Thank you Maria, your effort is greatly appreciated. I'm a newbie looking for an ideal theme for a Gardening Affiliate program. I'm currently using the Natural Lite theme and have not purchased the premium version yet. I would love to take it to the next level of freedom and flexibility. May you find many more ways of sharing and connecting, growing and teaching!.
MariaDale Premium
Thank you Bandula, I will look at that theme later this week and let you know about it. I just installed it and already am seeing some things that makes me hesitate.

I will add a course for the free version to my list, but most likely not for the premium. The developers of that theme place too many obtrusive ads in the dashboard, that's something that most professional theme developers generally do not do out of principle.
BandulaD Premium
Thanks, I appreciate it.
feigner Premium
blocksy would be a good one - very customisable for a free theme.
i reckon that the new promised course will include a tutorial on generatepress as this is the only one for the starters.
hope you find a set of tutorials that are needed - if you need a hand give me a shout.
MariaDale Premium
Thanks Phil, Blocksy looks like another great one to put at the top of the list. Thank you for the feedback!

And yes, I will be completing one for the free generate press, I've actually already completed the test site to see how best to monetize it without overloading it.

There are a few tutorials that I think I will need to find that have to do with the barebones basics of wordpress, I'll PM you tomorrow and thanks for the offer of helping.

Look for my PM tomorrow?