The Frustrations Of Acquiring A Great Domain Name

Last Update: June 24, 2021

One of the most frustrating things that people encounter when starting to start a new website, is acquiring a great domain name.

When trying to think of ideas to use, for names that make sense, one can spend hours upon hours trying to register the name they come up with, only to find that it's not available.

I have done this a time or two in the past, it can cause quite a headache, that's for certain!

Someone can make a beautiful website, loaded with great content, and put all of their heart into running it. Yet if they do not have a fabulous domain name, then they are wasting a lot of time and effort.

The domain name is the core of brandability, and as such, one should put a lot of thought into what they choose to register.

The general rules I follow when registering a new name are:

  • Is it short enough to remember?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it reflect my niche properly?
  • Does it have a .com extension?
  • Does it have at least one main keyword related to my niche?

If I can not answer yes to every single one of these key points, then I will not register it.

I consider it to be a waste of time to build a business using nothing but the BEST, that means best design, best content, and BEST domain name.

I use a fantastic service to find great, available domain names, that are related to any niche I choose to search for.

This service is provided at and is completely free of charge. I have used this service for many years, and have only once encountered a problem with a name I registered.

Once, I registered a name that google had blocked from its results. When I discovered this, I had a choice, keep it and get it unblocked, or try for another.

I decided to keep it, and six months later, I was able to finally get it unblocked. I still use this particular name to this date, because it's an outstanding domain name!

I have registered literally hundreds of names (I flip websites) and have had this issue happen just that one time.

I have added another training video (link below) that shows the exact steps I take when I am searching for another great domain name.

I hope that everyone enjoys the training, and I hope that many are able to acquire the domain name of their dreams!

Finding Great Domain Names Using Expired Domains

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heavensaroma Premium
Hi Maria!

I actually was very lucky with my domain name. I had the same idea since I was 19 (I'm 40 now).
This has always been something I wanted and I knew what I would call it from day one.
Luckily when I went to register my name, 20yrs later, it was available!
I took this as a sign, along with a lot of other signs that happened when I joined WA.
To me, this is my dream and passion, I couldn't believe that my business name would be available at this time.
If only it were that easy for everyone.
Wishing everyone the best when finding their true business name!

Angela : )
MariaDale Premium
Angela, it's great that you were able to get your desired name that easily!
OCH3943 Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing this. This is a good resource.
MariaDale Premium
You are welcome, I am pleased to know that you find it useful :)
CountessCtry Premium
I got pretty nice domains, guess got lucky. But my understanding is that content scores higher than a domain and it doesn't have to be geared round the niche.
Great blog post.
Wishing you a terrific day.
MariaDale Premium
Content does score higher, yet a easy to remember domain name is key for repeat traffic. If someone does not care about repeat traffic, then the domain name does not matter at all of course.

Most of my monetary gain comes from repeat traffic.

I wish you a great day as well!