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Last Update: May 31, 2019

Hi folks, Marc here with a transcript of my first training on mindset.

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Mindset intro

[00:00:00] Hi everybody, Marc Hanna here. It's nice to meet you just doing an introductory video on the topic that's going to be very close. If not, my exact Niche and I wanted to do a quick introduction of myself.

What is this topic? Why study this why get yourself involved in this and why listen to me about it?

All right. So this is going to be a bit of a free-form video, I don't want to do a lot of rehearsing for these things. I want to really be knowledgeable about the topic without I guess seeming too prepared.

So let's talk about this. What is this topic? The topic is mindset and how mindset develops how it stays the way it is how we can observe it and how we can change it.

The first question you might ask yourself is – why is this important?

[00:01:35] If you have been studying some of the top successful people here at Wealthy Affiliate, you'll notice that they share something in common.

And the thing that they tended to share in common is a common mindset of success, you'll see that they don't trouble themselves with some minor things that could be easily distracting which, unfortunately, happens to a lot of people.

In fact most people including myself and the problem is those things that distract us from the success mindset – the millionaire mindset -- the get rich mindset, whatever you want to call it.

Those are the things that keep us from making ourselves great instead of just mediocre. Now we don't have to be great. But it sure would be nice to be successful. And I think that we're all here to do that. Anybody who's listening to this probably wants to be successful.

[00:02:35] Otherwise, they wouldn't be wasting their time.

So studying this topic is important. If you don't have the correct mindset, you can forget it.

Basically I've talked to several people here. If you check some of the comments of people they will say that mindset is everything and I've done a lot of research on what people talk about in here about mindset, but mostly they share that theme if you don't have the mindset you won't get your goals.

You won't do the tasks. You won't keep schedule. You won't do what you need. You will give up because you'll get dejected. Any number of things are ruled by your mindset.

So, if I've convinced you that that's true, maybe the next thing you'll want to know is why should you listen to me about it?

[00:03:35] And I would expect you to ask that question.

So, just to give you a little bit of background – not my entire life -- but for the last 20 years I've been exploring the patterns of my mind to a deep extent probably a lot more than most people would because I was wondering why would make certain decisions.

Most of those at the time 20 years ago were relationship decisions.

I was getting into patterns of relationships that were not useful. They were not successful.

And I had been successful in many other things in my life. So why couldn't I fix that?

So, I had a mentor who helped me and he said 'look maybe you need to take this personality test.'

So I did and I discovered some things about my personality which were quite likable; in fact, you can take a personality test and say

[00:04:35] 'hey, that's really cool. I'm like this. I'm like that. I'm not like this. I might be like that!'

But the real value in having a personality test – and it took me a little while for this to sink in -- wasn't to be so proud of your personality, but to understand how the personality is an outward reflection of your ego.

This is what people see!

Because they don't see what's going on n here [pointing to head].

In fact, the only person who could see that is you! I can see my ego and operation if I pay attention to it and so can you and then when you start doing that – when you start observing your ego – you start saying 'Why your personality is operating that way?'

And how it's being successful for you or not successful for you!

[00:05:35] But that's just the first stage. Once you start realizing that you have some patterns that are not leading to success you have a chance to dissolve them and I'm going to talk about that.

I'm going to talk about you see the topic here [pointing to title]: homeostasis, Consciousness, Awakening and Transformation.

You need to know about all four of those things and what they really mean.


And when you have a chance to learn about this, I think you'll understand and the reason why you want to listen to me about it is because I understand it.

I've studied this for 20 years inside my mind. I've studied academic psychology. I've read all sorts of books on mindfulness. I've practiced mindfulness. I've been in Buddhist temples. I've talked to people.

I can't begin to. Explain all of the different experiences that I've had

[00:06:35] but I can give you a taste of it.

What I can tell you for sure is that Know what I'm talking about and I won't let you down.

You can challenge me at any time. You can say anything!

I say throw it at me and say how do you know this?

And where's your evidence?

And why are you saying that and I will answer you I will take up your gauntlet.

And I won't let you down.

If I do know something I'll tell you.

I'll tell you where I found it out and why it's true and if I'm wrong or if I don't know something then I will research it and find out the answer for you.

That's why I think you should listen tome about this.

Take that on board!

The Next Step we're going to do. if you decide to check this out, which I hope you do, is to discuss what homeostasis is how homeostasis effects organisms.

[00:07:35] How homeostasis might be principal or guiding method --I suppose of how the universe works –and it basically means dynamic stability.

Systems get into a dynamic stability and what you have to do if you want to change them is you can't just change pieces of them.

You have to change the stability and any time you try to move something that's in a particular state, there's inertia, there's resistance and this will happen in your mind.

So you have to be prepared for that.

And to take it on board if you want to change your mindset for success!

I hope you're going to be interested in following me along this journey.

I'll be learning right along with you.

All right, I've probably said enough that's almost eight minutes.

Now. We're going to pause this here, and I hope to see you soon.


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Tirolith Premium
The biggest problem on the net is most are tunnel blind, meaning they ignore other's opinions.
I like to see an open mind that will accept all opinions then put them all together and come up with a better quality opinion than all others.
Great today, better again tomorrow.
marchanna Premium
Hi Tom,

good point about the failure of people to listen up.

At some point better quality opinions need to reflect the truth accurately or they are no better than the others. But if we listen and share dialog we can advance the truth.

So what you say is a great reminder!

Tirolith Premium
It is our job to lead the net towards honesty for those who will be following.
marchanna Premium
That's an honorable thing to say for yourself. Is that your niche? That is, are you going to make it your job as an affiliate marketer?
Tirolith Premium
Yes, has been for a few years.
marchanna Premium
I'm intrigued!
Tirolith Premium
One of my old blogs about Entrepreneurs,