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Last Update: May 22, 2018

I would like to share with the WA community that I just finish with my lesson 3 of the training. I have one month in this community and I would like to take a moment for those who are truly supporters of this community. Especially, for us “ the newbies”. This lesson had ups and downs, some moments were very excited but others were a little frustrated. I asked for help and support and I received it, not as much as I expected or the answers came from the ones I did it ask! And this is awesome! For the ones that I asked for help and never received an answer, is good as well. I did not get stock! I used other doors. Something that I have learned, is that if one door closes, many other doors will open. If you have a dream you need to persevere and knock every door you can possible knock to fulfill your goals.

The Google Adsense was the most frustrating part. Even though I was following the training, when I was doing it myself it seems different. It might be because of the theme! And asking so many questions, I discovered that everyone had their own system to achieved it. Finally, I found a system that worked for me! I followed it ! But to my surprise all the hard work was suddenly into a trash can. Google Adsense rejected my application 😔. Hopefully it has to be because I don’t have enough traffic on my newbie website yet.

I have to continue encouraging myself and continue with a winner attitude, hoping for the best! I will continue working on the content of my website and still waiting for affiliate companies to give me an answer. I look forward in meeting more amazing people in this community and learn from their experiences and knowledge! Oh by the way, I also learned the importance of the “likes” 👍🏻😉

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RodneyJr Premium
I second that, I remember when my first post got indexed to Google; it was a happy day indeed.