A New Begining, A New Mentality!

Last Update: April 22, 2018

New beginnings are full of excitement, frustrations, ups and downs. New beginnings can bring you happiness and a new opportunity to go to the next level. This is why is so important to bring to this new beginning a new mentality! A mentality of a winner although you are not seeing the results you want, a mentality that does not give up at the first difficulty; a mentality that is open to fail and be strong to get up again and again; a mentality that is ready to explore, absorb, enjoy and learn from mistakes. A mentality to give the best of you at all times, even when you are tired or you don't want to continue on, a mentality that doesn't give excuses at all, because if one don't succeeded... you are the only responsible... no one else!

At the time life gives you a new beginning, you need to hold on tide and be brave! Believe in yourself will be the beginning of this new mentality! When you bring your old mentality to your new beginning, is where success does not come into play. If you need to take time to set up your mind, do so!

Give each day not another day, but a day of a new beginning where you can be better, happy, a being a winner although you are just starting, you need to believe that you are already a winner and that no matter how many beginnings you let pass or lost, because everything that you think you lost or did not achieve is going to help you in your new beginning to be strong and not take anything for granted!

So... that being said

For the newbies like me! My deep and sincere wish is that if we made it up to here with a dream, and this platform is giving us that new beginning, a new path to shine! But is up to us if we want to start this new beginning with a totally renovated mentality!

My best wishes to all of you,


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MarcelaS Premium
Thank you for taking from your time to read the blog of a newbie ;)
marmar463 Premium
Great post and you are right we have a new beginning each and every day because we don't know what each day will bring us. We have to keep positive, be persistent and determined and things will fall into the place that they belong in. We have all this through WA.
MarcelaS Premium
Thank you so much for your precious advice!
Anonymoose Premium
Welcome to the WA Community! You've done a great job joining and opening up an opportunity that the majority are hesitant to do. You will have a lot of mentors here that will guide and teach you how to navigate and be successful, so grab that opportunity as much as you can.

Remember to never rush, take your time, absorb what you are learning, and never give up. It may take time for you to get your first cha-ching, but when you do, you'll be so glad you never quit, because once you get the cha-ching, you get addicted to it and you'll never stop.

So, wait for it. Follow the training and enjoy the journey.