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I would like to share with the WA community that I just finish with my lesson 3 of the training. I have one month in this community and I would like to take a moment for those who are truly supporters of this community. Especially, for us “ the newbies”. This lesson had ups and downs, some moments were very excited but others were a little frustrated. I asked for help and support and I received it, not as much as I expected or the answers came from the ones I did it ask! And thi
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Hello my dear WA family!Here I am...Learning learning and learning! I am literally eating lesson by lesson. Sometimes I get frustrated because I want to dedicate more time to learn and to apply all concepts. But I have to work with what I have and try to take advantage of every second I have to study my lessons. I just finish with level 2! And looking forward to continue in this adventure. Always keeping in my mind that all the effort will be paid off. In addition,all these knowledge will help
April 24, 2018
Hello dear affiliates! I would like to share with this amazing community my happiness! At the beginning, I had so many questions such as: how I am going to achieve this? I don't have experience... and so on and so on. Although, all of those questions, I decided to have the winner attitude! I am going to give my best, focus, and work hard until I see my results!Here I am, today I opened my profile and... taran, taran!! I received the google badge! It is a great feeling! This is once again a rema
New beginnings are full of excitement, frustrations, ups and downs. New beginnings can bring you happiness and a new opportunity to go to the next level. This is why is so important to bring to this new beginning a new mentality! A mentality of a winner although you are not seeing the results you want, a mentality that does not give up at the first difficulty; a mentality that is open to fail and be strong to get up again and again; a mentality that is ready to explore, absorb, enjoy and learn