Wall mounted kitchen sink faucets

Last Update: October 24, 2017

Dear Friends,

I noticed there is little or no information on wall mounted kitchen faucets.

So I have written a post giving some information and insight on this type of kitchen faucets.

I would appreciate if you could read the same and offer some feedback/comments on the same.

the website is https://kitchenfaucetswithspra...



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Karlito76 Premium
Generally you would go through the 'site comments' and 'site feedback' channel that's on the top left in light blue where it says "site rubix." You have to give feedback and comments in order to receive them.

Since I am here I will give you my feedback. I would change that header image to something more appealing. I would also make an introduction instead of just jumping into the pros and cons. I noticed that you said the first sink has 4 gpm flow but in the specs it says 1.5gpm.

You will want to change that so you sound more credible. Or you might want to cut out the specs or shorten them so they don't distract the reader from your message.

I didn't like the cash advance ad that was posted because it wasn't relevant to your content but that's just my opinion. Another thing I noticed was that your article came to an abrupt end.

I think you might want to incorporate some kind of conclusion that would entice your potential customer into buying what your recommending.

I kinda got the impression that you installed these particular sinks because you mentioned that the washers needed to be placed properly before use. As a potential customer, I like to hear hands on experience with the product because it gives you credibility. You might want to add more hands-on information to build more trust.

I hope I helped you a little bit and I wish you much success on your site!