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Last Update: September 28, 2017

Hi friends,

I always thought social media was a waste of time. While on Lesson 4 of the Certification program I have understood these social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, G+ etc can be used to your advantage. They can help in follows, comments, rankings etc

But before that hats off to the WA community. Great and timely help from so many members.

I enjoy helping others in WA whenever I can and this brings immense pleasure that I have helped someone somewhere on the globe

I used to have good content (reasonably) but presented in a drab studious manner. Now I realize after community help that the same could be presented in a conversational yet informative manner so the reader isn’t bored.

I have learned so much about websites and I can certify that it would not have been possible at any other place other than WA, especially at the cost we are paying for membership.

I plan to earn the Certification badge before Nov 2017.

With all your wishes and blessings I hope to rake in some $$$ by year end.

Wishing everybody suXess in all their endeavors.

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Memorylaneuk Premium
I am also a convert to social media even if it sometimes flummox me. I am still learning but with the help here at WA I am improving.
With Grace and Gratitude
AlexEvans Premium
Social media certainly has its place and done well can be such a boost, looks like you have a really good plan moving forward. Your link is not working.
manandkumar Premium
Your words do give me a high.
I am trying my best and am relatively new to this filed.
Please try my website again :