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im zinhle,32 yrs old,unemployed,lives in durban,female,i love reading specially novels,i also love browsing the internet even though i have no experience in IT or creating web site,im also a fast learner.
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
1000 a month
Money I would be ecstatic earning
10 000 a month
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
4 to 5 hours
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Sep 11, 2018
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How much money would you be happy earning?
1000 a month

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
10 000 a month

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
4 to 5 hours
Carson Premium
Hi Zinhle,

These are great goals and I know that you will work hard to achieve them! One of the most important aspects of building a successful business is having goals so that you always have something to work towards!

Keep on taking action within the community as you have done here, you are well on your way!

I am here to help, so please let me know if you have any questions while you get started. I look forward to helping out!

Calvinator63 Premium
Outstanding goals you have set for yourself, very achievable by just following the training and asking for help any time you stuck your success should be just around the corner.
To your Success,
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Godsmack12 Premium
Hello and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. Wishing you lots of success.
hi...thank you
Offroad13 Premium
Hello and welcome to the community. No experience needed, just follow the training and you will learn all you need to know.
hi...il do just that..thanx
MJAffPro Premium
Welcome, Zinhle.

If you need any help getting the ball rolling or have any questions, give me a shout. No question is a stupid question.

Wishing you all the success in the world,

P.S. - There's a lot of free training that people aren't aware of. Let me know if you'd like me to point out some of my favorite free training lessons.
thank you