Twitter passwords may have been compromised.

Last Update: May 04, 2018

I did a quick search and I don't see anyone else writing about this here so I do that quickly.

Many of us here have twitter accounts and yesterday it came to be published that about 300 million accounts have had their passwords stored in an unsecure log file which basically means that anyone that could access that file (employees, some SE bots or hackers) could easily read it's content, basically 300 million passwords.

They have warned members and advised them to change passwords, and they added that there are no known breach through their security, however here many of us understand how Internet works and how vulnerable it is as content can be found and accessed if it's not being secured properly.

I have changed my passwords and I suggest to everyone to do the same. Just in case. Better be safe.

So that.

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Carson Premium
Always a good idea to update passwords regularly, and make sure they are not easily guessable. Random letters, numbers, and symbols 10 characters or more makes it pretty much impossible to crack, even for a super computer. But, having 300M passwords visible is another issue, not a good thing.
Magus Premium
Yes I agree. Longer the password is the better but yeah as you said if it's visible to anyone on the "Big Net" then it doesn't matter how long and what characters. Anyway I did change it after I read in the paper so should be okay. I hope others will act too because hacked accounts can be a really bad headache.
Memorylaneuk Premium
Good advice, I did hear it on the news but didn’t do anything about it because they insinuated that those affected had been messaged.
Better safe than sorry though.
With Grace and Gratitude
Magus Premium
Yes. Once a door is cracked open bugs can fly in from anywhere. Besides knowing how public announcements work, who knows what actually did happen and when that they might try hide. So best to be safe and go ahead of trouble.