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*** I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 13 Years! ***

Wealthy Affiliate Live Video Training Coach

Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.

Don't stop pursuing your dreams because they will become a reality.

"The only RIGHT I acknowledge is the RIGHT to self-express and MAKE life spectacular"

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seisbart Premium
Hello Jay,
I would like to introduce myself to you. My Name is Steve Eisbart and I reside in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I am a first time Affiliate Marketer and looking forward to this great adventure
I have enjoyed your training videos and I am going through all of Kyle's training including the Certification and The Affiliate Boot camp. I am looking forward to working with you.
Mihoko Premium
Hi Jay. Just joined WA Premium Annual program and your niche tutorials are where I am starting! Thank you for sharing your insights. I love Canada. I lived in Toronto for 3 months.

I am wondering if you could tell me video software that you are using to make tutorials where you can switch between your screen vs your screen & your camera. I am wondering if you are using one software to do this live vs recording? Thank you so much in advance.

magistudios Premium Plus
Hi Mihoko,

For the live video classes, I use Lightstream:

For prerecorded training, I use Screenflow:
Mihoko Premium
Thank you. I also checked out your site. Wonderful design. Signed up for the newsletter. Thanks for sharing your insights.
PrimePlace Premium
Good Morning Jay!
I am reaching out to you and hope you can give me some pointers to search to resolve my problem. Thank You!

I am using "21 Minute Ranking Method in 7 Steps." I have followed the steps very carefully the sitemap is showing a flat line under indexed after showing pending. I am not sure where my problem lies help me as I am trying to get a post in the search results!!!
jstliza Premium
good day Jay-
I have been watching your past video classes, and was wondering if you could do a little magic for all of out there. can you create an area in the live video class area, for after we watched a class, there would be a section that states what classes we had watched. instead of going back thou the list to re-watch a class we wanted to redo to re-understand the content of it. it's kind of like the my history but within the live video class area. also, maybe you could put after we watch a video, it would give us suggestions on the same subject matter. this would be really helpful and a time saver. there is no way in order to track what we have watched already.. yes, I'm a newbie, and I make sure I watch at least one video a day. I'm having problems with wordpress a lot, and read someone post and turned me onto crating and managing your content. (only watched the first one so far). but would of like a link to the next one in line, kind of grouped together. I think everyone should watch this series, it explains a lot- but it was hard to find the second one. still looking for it.
thanks for listening to me. hope this helps with the video classroom and make it more user friendly.

Jst Liz'a
randallpaul Premium
Hello Jay, I did a search for video training about local seo. I started watching one but i think it was a bit more advanced then I know what to do yet.

do you have a suggestion as to which of your videos I should be watching in order? I am a local small business and I joined WA to not only increase my website visibility but to also learn how to help other local business in my industry like other janitorial services around the country.