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Jay hosts weekly live video training events that are offered within the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate. Jay has vast experience in the Internet marketing world, from PPC, local marketing, content development, SEO, and website development (programming, wordpress, joomla, drupal). The weekly video training is an absolute necessity to skill development of online marketers and we are pleased to be able to offer this remarkable training solution.

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Steve325 Premium
For the past 26 years I have worked as a Team Sales Rep selling athletic equipment to schools and youth groups. I am constantly asked about ideas for fundraising and with the cost going up it is imperative that these groups fund raise. I have numerous contacts within this group. My idea has 2 phases and the first is to create a discount card with local merchants within the community offering discounts to the people that purchase the card. The card will sell for 20.00 dollars with the group getting at least 50%. The second phase is the best part, on the card will be access and a code to the groups personal website that will pay them a commission for the year on purchases made from different companies they shop with. I have an IT guy building the site now I just need more direction on dealing with the different Affiliate programs.
PLavania Premium
Hey Jay I'm sorry for what happened last time. But I have a suggestion can you like make it so in the live training some other people are able to do it just for once. I would be really interested in it. I hope you are good and enjoy

God Bless,
PLavania Premium
I did not receive a mail from you sir
PaulWeeks Premium
Hi Jay
I'm trying to use canva but i'm having problems
why does the word "the" get placed between each letter???
I type "All About Running Shoes" and when I go to do something else it automatically updates to "The A the l the l the A , b o A u the , t the R u the the n the n the i the n , g the S h, o A the e s,. "
PaulWeeks Premium
Figured it out.
I live in Thailand and all the menus are in Thai. so i translate to English. but then when i type something in in English it translates it funny....
If you want me to help to fix the problem I can give some advice.

AlexG3 Premium
Hey Jay, can you help me? I was told that you're a good person to go to for my specific issue

So my niche is urban footwear and up until now I've imagined my site looking similar to footlocker.com or champs.com or something of the sort.
Now the lesson I'm on is about writing keyword rich content. Kyle demonstrates by writing a full article and I've imagined having more description based content on my website, such as descriptions for products.
I'm having a huge brain fart, I don't know if I should force myself to come up with an article for say, a nike basketball shoe, or find a way to just plug in a couple of keywords into a product description.
I'm stumped.
Any ideas or suggestions?
AlexG3 Premium
Thank you in advance
magistudios Premium Plus
Hey Alex,

Just for clarification, are you building an actual e-commerce store or an affiliate site?
AlexG3 Premium
I'm building an affiliate site.
magistudios Premium Plus
ok coolio.

So, if you want to focus on descriptions for products and not review style content, then it will be a bigger challenge to rank.

I say this because the urban footwear is a challenging niche because it is so competitive.

What about something like this.

1) Top 10 urban footwear from Nike
2) How to choose the best urban footwear for street ball


From there, you can have this blog style content that could link to your pages that have the descriptions of products which lead to affiliate links.

Make sense?
AlexG3 Premium
That makes a whole lot of sense! Those are amazing ideas, I’m going to go with that. Thanks Jay! I appreciate it!
alexjysmith Premium Plus
Bro.....thanks for all the training and help in the community, and how you sent me that keyword report a while ago. Simply glorious man. Alright, gotta fly....right to my bed, to freaking late over here in Utah. I feel like my eyes are blood shot from to much caffeine. I need to take a break before I turn into a fried egg........