Your Optimistic Future of NO

Last Update: April 20, 2019

How many times have you heard the answer NO?

From childhood to being an adult, we experience NO all the time.

This could be in the form of words, experiences or opportunities.

Yet with entrepreneurs, doors that shut in our face (i.e. the metaphor for NO) are opportunities to try again.

Winston Churchill once said:
"Success is Going from Failure to Failure Without Losing Your Enthusiasm…"

Don’t let NO stand in your way from success.

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kmer6 Premium
Thank you for sharing, Jay. It has been said that when most people fail at something, they stop trying. They quit. I myself don't like to fail but when I'm doing something totally new, I don't expect perfection. I may say some bad words from time to time, but I continue to work at it till I do get it right.
Thomas Edison once said when inventing the incandescent lightbulb that he had found one thousand ways that didn't work. Something to think about.
Jewelia Premium
People tell me that I say "No" a lot, and yet I find my life pretty happy and successful. Maybe it's because I use the words mostly like this: "No, Jay, I won't let "No" stand on my way!" :)
~ No, I won't miss a good opportunity.
~ No, I won't give up.
Thanks for the encouragement, Jay!
~ Julia
Jason T Premium
Thanks for the inspiration Jay, I have a lot going on and started to question if I can do the Super Affiliate Challenge. My wife and family are very nonsupporting and tell me that I am wasting my time but this all just makes to much sense to me and NO I Will Not Give Up
bpais1 Premium
"NO", "NO", "NO" !!! I definitely won't accept failure as an outcome, Jay!

Any setbacks only make me stronger and cause me to double-down and push forward - even harder - and with more force!

Not one thing - big or small - will stand in my way - no matter what it is!

Keep on - keepin' on! Never quit! Never - ever!

GaryHorton Premium
Excellent point, Jay.

In story structure, characters who attempt to stop the progress of the hero are gatekeepers. Their resistance force the hero to hone her skills and built her strength in preparation for greater challenges.

As Online Entrepreneurs, we're each the hero of our story. Overcoming the no's and getting past the gatekeepers is the precise challenge we need to prepare for greater rewards.

Tabsmark Premium
Hi Jay,

I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the "no's" I received in my life -

It led to self searching and deciding if this was something I was prepared to put more effort into - to get a yes!

It also made me try new things and venture into waters I would never have dared to enter.

Thanks for this reminder.

Pedrone Premium
I tell you what usually I do with the NO: well I turn it around and become ON! so it s on and I keep going my friend, that s my own one and no W. Churchill or any other can claim but you can use ..ahah ah ah! good Ester to you and every body here !
MKearns Premium
good one.
tbowyer Premium
Hi Jay.

"Equal opportunities" for me means something else entirely though! 😉

That's an attitude you're speaking of, isn't it? See "No" as an opportunity rather than a disaster?

Another WA member wrote a couple of days ago that we should actually *seek out* the "No". I changed that slightly to, "Seek out the unexpected Yes", as I think it is a slightly more positive message. At the end of the day we're on the same page, I believe, just on different paragraphs.

Shaheel1 Premium
Nice blog
Twack Premium
Every 'No' just brings you closer to a 'Yes'
RoopeshG Premium
Thanks Jay.For the optimistic words
JaneMahlehle Premium
Thanks Jay for the motivation!
LLettau1 Premium
Jay there is NO way anyone or anything is going to stop me.
bushrash Premium
Thanks for this motivational post, Jay!

AlexEvans Premium
Just watched the movie, Churchill, I had a lot of preconceived ideas that were challenged viewing that movie, we all face challenges, in real terms that must have been some journey that everyone from that time went through, hard to imagine.

The take-home and reflection for me is that if we are all continually faced with the " no" and we pick our selves up and get back into it and keep fighting for it every single day, even on those grey days, we can and will kick our no's into touch.

We all hear no more than we hear you're doing great keep going.

Thanks for the share great way to prep for the week ahead thank you.
Fleeky Premium
Hollshope Premium
Love it and what a great reminder!
seconds2work Premium
No way will I let No get in my way