Words Sell

Last Update: July 27, 2020

Words are the magic building blocks to conversions and sales.

  • Website themes don't sell
  • Colours don't sell
  • Fonts don't sell

It's the words that you write on the website that sell.

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PMindra Premium
Wow. You are correct.
Can you please make sure the information that I posted on the forensic affiliate website is correct and something that you would endorse and maybe even testify to?

[Link removed by moderator]

I trust you are keeping safe. You have more challenges than many.
Keep your health up.

If this upcoming Friday is about a 'Landing Page', then I think That I am going to catch up with you.

Looking forward to the learning.

Remain awesome.

Onward and upward.

jivitajay Premium Plus
Thanks Paul,
A nice WA review on your site, but I was not aware that WAbinars are available to free members.

I read in your review, "The complete archive is also available as “limited time” access to Free Members that are taking the program for a test drive."
Can you pl give some details as to how many days these WAbinars are available for free members? so that I can update my review:)

PMindra Premium
Whom am I speaking to?
magistudios Premium Plus
The WAbinars are not included in the trial
PMindra Premium
Hi, Jay.
Thank you for making this clear.
I was under the impression that if a potential filled out the pop-up,
they would have access.
I will get back to jivitajay.

I apologise for any misunderstanding.


PMindra Premium
Hi Shubhaangi.
I was incorrect in thinking that the WAbinars are available to free members.

I thought that if the accompanying pop-up was completed, access would be granted.

So here is what I have with the new structure:

How much does going Premium Cost?

After testing out the Free Starter Membership, most people want to test out the Premium Membership also before committing to it.

Wealthy affiliate is very fair in this respect and allows its members to try the Premium Membership for 1 month for only $19.00.

Moving forward from there the pricing is as follows:

Monthy Price: $49.00 (equals $588.00 per year)

Yearly Price: $495.00 (equals a savings of $93.00)

Included in the yearly package is 1 free .com Domain (approx value $15.00), and 100 Community Credits (approx value $50.00), that can be used internally on the platform to barter within the community for services.

All prices are in USD and do not include any applicable taxes.

I hope this helps, and if I am incorrect, please let me know so that I can make changes and updates to my site also.

Thanking you in advance.

Dhind1 Premium
This is very true. Advertising men have known this for a long time.
Tiny print ads in the back of magazines and or newspapers sold millions of products long before the internet.

People respond to words. I know that I do, a good ad will evoke emotion within us. A blog in essence is an ad for what we are selling. The trick is to get people to respond the way we want them to.

Thanks for the reminder, Jay.

FrankB-1 Premium Plus
I absolutely agree, Jay.
ELangley1 Premium
Looking forward to discovering this obvious truth and learning how to put it into practice. Thanks.
GarryJam Premium Plus
First impressions?
You make an exellent first impression from what I could see.
Good point though. I have been thinking along these lines for a while.