What is Success to YOU?

Last Update: July 09, 2019

"Success isn’t about how your life looks to others. It’s about how it feels to you."
~ Michelle Obama

Hi Folks,

The above quote (from Michelle Obama) was shown to me tonight and wanted to ask you what exactly is Success to YOU?

For me, success is about tiny consisitant milstones and how each compound each other and grow daily.

Over to you!

What is success to you and how does it make you feel!?

Remember.. this isn't about what you want, but what success you have accomplished!

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Debs66 Premium
Wow how did I miss this post.

Success to me was spending years on the internet never giving up hope on being able to get ahead online.

I cried many tears and slammed down my laptop more than enough after thinking I found the right sort of help but only realising that what they wanted from me was a Thousand dollars+

The hardest thing is when you are just getting above the bread line and you want to earn money but you simply cannot nor have the capacity to start getting loans to fund the training.

Success to me was never giving up hope of knowing somewhere, there is a place that can not only help me but will define me and will not break my bank.

Not only that a safe place I can work from and learn from and not one person is going to start demanding from me massive upsells.

That is what success means to me. Never giving up hope. Always knowing deep down that what I need is out there. What I had to do was just find it and I did..

Most may call it perseverance, for me personally my biggest success was never giving up hope nor giving in.

I am so happy I never did.

Debs :)
JimMcKinley1 Premium
Success with me started when I left School, I had no success at school, could not learn at school, I was a failure! But when I left I found a joy in work, my first Job was serving customers behind a store counter, arranging goods in the Store window, I took delight in doing that! That was success!
Secondly, I had the ability to satisfy customers by showing them as many items as I could, nothing was any trouble! It was no bother to me! I wanted them to be happy with their purchase, and then I carrying it to their vehicle for them.
After six years in the Store my next success was achieving a scholarship, into a Great College for further education, and eventually obtaining an Inspectorate Post with the Department of Agriculture.
At age Forty-five I found my beautiful wife and moved to Canada we obtained Citizenship a few years later. When we came we purchased two businesses, and managed a staff of 5 or 6 employees. This was somewhat successful.... but long hours! I don`t recommend it!
Life was successful, but now it’s near an end, but I am very healthy although in my 81st year, I am very thankful for this! And I should also say, (while of no credit to me!) But at 10 years of age worried about where I would go when I would die, I trusted the Lord Jesus as my Saviour and Lord, and the Bible says, ` “He that believeth on the Son HATH Everlasting Life” John Ch.3
So now I don`t have any worries about my future. Because Jesus PAID it all on the Cross, when He suffered and died for my Sins. Heaven with Christ will be VERY SUCCESSFUL!
kevin928 Premium
I think that quote sums up my definitaion of success at this stage of my life. I have succeded in completing vitualy all of my lifes "bucket lists" so success is now being happy, healthy and living the life I want.

Of course that has certain finanicial implications. I wrote a blog here a few weeks about wealth and happiness .

Sucess is now being able to continue to in that vain, learning new skills, sharing and trying to give back. The next milestone will be to make a "sucess" of my blogs. What will that be? well to generate enough income (which is actually very small!) to continue to live the same way.
NWTDennis Premium
Lately I've been noticing a lot of brand new cars on the road, and many of them are luxury car models ... BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audii. Clearly the message coming from these owners is ... see me, I am successful.

I can't deny a certain feeling of resentment as I park my fairly new Prius to go into the market. These luxury car drivers must be more successful than I am.

I've been retired for several years now. I don't remember even thinking about this when I was still working. Then success for me was much more focused on the two A words ... Achievement and Accomplishment.

Deep down I think I still feel this way about success, but darn ... those sure are nice cars.
MikeC69 Premium
Success to me isn’t solely about money.
True , it takes money to purchase products and services you either need or want.
I’m not in the “I wanna be a millionaire club” at all.
If it happens that’s great .
I want the type of income that can sustain the type of lifestyle my family and I really want.
Travel and adventure are at the top of that list.

Best of success to you!
DBlanchard Premium
To me, success is to continue working towards my main goal, which is to fire my boss and having the gratitude and will to continue no matter what! And to tell myself constantly that I am capable and that the universe has my back. By tuning in to my destiny I know that I am already there!
JohnGreg08 Premium
Hi Jay,

I have similar definition of success. Success for me is developing one healthy habit that I know will help me achieve my long term goals. I don't focus on the end-goal itself because it is moving but if I make a progress every time then that is a success.

skmorrow Premium
C'mon, of course, success is how your life looks to others...okay, no it's not LOL.

I think success is happiness. Whenever I accomplish something I say "that was a success".

My definition has changed over the years and it used to be centered on work. Now I have no desire to climb the corporate ladder, I see too many people under too much stress. I am perfectly happy with my role.

So, for me...

My wife and I are raising two not awful teenagers - Success

Professionally, I passed the CPA exam - Success

Each day my little internet business somehow seems to be growing - Success

In the future success will ultimately be financial freedom, doing my own thing, not being tied down to my corporate job.

That's it for me.
jesseyd19 Premium
That is very awesome definitely for successful.
cld111 Premium
Success is being happy - no matter what is happening outside of me.

I love what Kyle said about learning. I absolutely love how many different things I have learned and will continue to learn in this business. It's my favorite part.

I love what you said about having those milestones that keep adding up. I'm always looking for new milestones to celebrate.

Success is also being able to pay the bills without worry, go on nice family vacations and have a life that's full of choices and experiences because money flows easily.

- Christina
judym Premium
To me success is what brings me happiness... so a successful day could be anything from creating something great, having a big income day or getting outside and enjoying nature.

I think the freedom to spend your time in a way that allows you do the things that bring you the most happiness is true success. So I celebrate the awesome days spent with family and friends just as much as the big financial ones.
sminman7 Premium
Hi Jay,
Earl Nightingale has said: "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal," To me that has meant a step by step, incremental accomplishment of what we have predetermined for ourselves that we want to achieve or improve. When these are achieved we feel good about what we have done!
Michael Inman
Kyle Premium
Success is what someone decides "success" is, and this will vary from person to person.

For some, it is being able to drive around in a fancy car, for some it is being genuinely happy, for some it is getting time back, for others it is being able to work from wherever you like in the world.

Ultimately, I think for most people when they think of success it makes them happy. The reality though is the things that they "think" are going to make them happy, don't.

Success from what I have personally experienced and seen in others, is doing something that you truly enjoy doing and being able to earn a livelihood doing that (with no upper limits on your potential).

When you meet peak potential, you lose your desire to learn and you lose most forms of motivation. Learning is just as much a motivating factor as money is, for most... whether someone can fully comprehend that or not at the time is a different discussion.

The idea of being able to grow is exciting and it something that the Internet will provide all of us, in an infinite sort of manner. An exciting world we live in, one that can lead to any form of success that one is willing to work towards.
derekmarshal Premium
DebbieWexler Premium
I agree abut tiny consistent milestones and also accomplishing something I had no idea I could do - here at WA I've had what I consider successes in the training certifications. Today, for instance, I did my first affiliate link and though it would be a simple task to someone else - I was so excited. lol.
manna4star2 Premium
Jim Rohn has been saying it for many years. I just wish that I had been listening to him all of those years and not following my own methods.

"Success is something you attract by the person you Become."

"Success is nothing more than a few Simple Disciplines practiced every day."

and the kicker,,,, "Work harder on Yourself than you do on your job."
TDomena Premium
I love Jim Rohn quotes too! Those are some really good ones.
cld111 Premium
Perfect quotes!

- Christina
SDiTullio Premium
To me, "success" is having achieved each goal or dream one has set for themselves. There are small "successes" then there are large "successes"." A small success is when you know that there are five individual actions required ii order to accomplish and fulfill the goal. They are "small" successes, because without any one of them... the goal cannot be accomplished. For that reason each small action in and of itself, is a success.

Once each of the five (or however many are required) actions are completed, they have led us to the achievement of y large goal.

Small successes can lead to large successes!

To abundant prosperity
Joes946 Premium
Great post. For me, success is how I feel about myself. For each of us, success can be measured, but it can also be felt. There is just a certain "feeling" that comes with being a success at anything. You may not be successful at internet marketing and not everyone is, but you can be a success in other areas. It's up to us to do it.
Thanks for the post
RolandF1 Premium
Well said !

A famous definition of success from the past (I think it was Earl Nightingale) which has always encouraged me is " Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal."

One of the things that has most impressed me during my time so far here in WA is the emphasis on the philosophy of it being "progressive" with all of the training and encouragement from everyone involved.

We are all here presumably following worthy goals, whatever they may be, and what better platform than WA for achieving those goals?

Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Jay

Now the first thing that came to my mind when reading your post on success was:

Being happy in what I am doing is success to me.

Then I thought more deeply and branching off of what I first thought.

Success is completing something that I wanted to do and did it.
Feeling at peace and a form of empowerment in completing or getting to the next stage.

Success to me is knowing that I am safe and secure within myself. Meaning healthy.

I could talk all day on this topic because the more I think about it, I feel a book coming on. lol

Success is in my personal life is knowing that my family and friends are all good = positive energy all round.

Success is knowing that I am in control of my universe and I can create my next chapter.

Right I am going to stop there.

Thank you for raising this question because you have added to my creative juices flowing today and gonna write content now. YAY.

Have a great day

TDomena Premium
I define success differently depending on the challenge I give myself. If we're talking about success in life, I'd define that by how much impact I've done and by how I've mastered my paradigm towards that.

I'd like to say I positively impacted the large monopoly of people I came in contact with and I leave situations content with what I've accomplished.

My past successes were based on being able to transcend a milestone I set for myself, and when it comes to individual journeys, I'd define success based on my ability to transcend a milestone and achieve a goal I've set.

If we're talking about being a sumo wrestler or something, I'd say I'm not successful in that. Hahaha. I haven't failed either because I didn't try.

If we're talking about something I attempted and didn't quite pan out, I wouldn't necessarily call it a fail unless I didn't learn something from it.

I think it's okay to be optimistic and say you're a success as long as you feel good, but I don't know if I see success like that right now. My feelings can be content which means I've been resilient and mastered my mind, but that doesn't necessarily mean I'm a success in terms of transcending the goal of that journey.

I'm okay without being successful at everything in life, but I wouldn't consider myself successful at everything in life because I'm content. Hahaha.

I keep seeing people who say success in internal and I agree that's an ingredient, but my question is "how do you get your contentment not to lead to complacency?"

In my opinion, you have to become discontent a little and the discomfort inspires you to pivot and grow--that's been my experience. I prefer to face the discontentment and draw inspiration from it rather than becoming complacent or trying to psych my mind out about it being there.

What do you all think?
Stella2 Premium
Hey Jay;
Thanks for sharing this.

It was very timely because I've been helping someone who is challenged with ADHD and compares himself to others, which isn't helpful. I was able to share this quote and he seemed to appreciate the point.

For myself, I feel successful in my life whenever I am grounded in the present moment, no matter what the externals are. For me, success is internal, not external.

Have a great day! :-)
jamesodowd Premium
Success isnt about what you have or haven't got! Success isnt about what you've accomplished!! Success is a mindset! its the will of staying dedicated, focused, passionate and motivated with whatever you're doing and no matter what hurdle stops you in your tracks you find a way around it!, success is taking something that doesn't always work and making it work or finding a way to make it work, Success is nothing more than a man-made construct in reality!

Success is a lot of things for a lot of people for me its about passing on any greater knowledge I may have to greater benefit someone else out there! no matter what I will try to help anyone who asks for help! success to me is building friendly relationships and building strong and helpful empires together! so that we have a better chance to make a change in this fast action paced world!

Forget Success & Make a Change for Better! Learn More, Achieve Better! That's my own personal rendition xD anyone agree with me?
APouliot Premium
I do!
Loudmouth Premium
Like you said success as many form, not one person can describe success the same way. For me it is simple, having that feeling of accomplishing something positive, somethings that affect others around you in a positive way. In other words be happy in the moment. Life is too short.
J-KWest Premium
This is such a fascinating question. If we characterize success as any form of achievement, financial or otherwise, we draw a line between what we've achieved and what we haven't achieved.

And since I always want to achieve something more, whether it's more money or to be a better dad... I'd have to say success is fleeting. Experienced for a brief moment until I remember all the things I've yet to achieve.
TDomena Premium
Very interesting.
JosephAnth13 Premium
Hello, Magistudio's,

How are you doing today, sir? I hope you're doing very well!
To me, SUCCESS means I've learned something new on my computer that's going to lead me one step closer to becoming an affiliate marketer! I just learned how to add a you tube videos to my website two day's ago! I have been trying to figure this stuff out for a very long time.

Many videos watched and many hours up all night working on website , trying to figure out the meta data stuff and what to say in the boxes?

I need some help because I'm still stuck on this side of SEO and its not looking too good for me!
TerryAsh Premium
God's definition of Prosperity; it doesn't just include Finances, but every aspect of our whole lives: family, Church/Spirituality, work (which in itself is defined by God as worship to Him), Leisure, Education, etc. So you see, if God cares about our whole lives and hasn't forgotten about us, then maybe we should pay more attention to those areas of our lives that are lacking, right? You don't have to answer back, just reflect on things and start dreaming with God more each and every day. Blessings...
NeilBrown Premium
Success to me in partial is each task I can complete in my progress moving forward, whether it be significant or insignificant in size but also in how they make me feel, if I feel as though I have achieved something noteworthy then that's great.
I also largely find success in how I respond to things when they don't work out so well, if I can accept defeat in a positive way as well as if any of my successes can benefit someone else in a positive way.
AOsmand Premium
the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
"the president had some success in restoring confidence"
synonyms: favourable outcome, successfulness, favourable result, successful outcome, positive result, victory, triumph
"we are very encouraged by the success of the scheme

Obviously the above is the general definition of “success”. But we all feel it in our own way what ever it may be.

For me it’s as simple as making my bed in the morning when I get up. It may seem like an insignificant task but in my mind it sets me up for the day ahead.

If I can achieve that mini goal each day, then I can complete each goal for the rest of my day. It’s a simple mind trick but it works for me.

Have a good day all.
spyells Premium
For me, success would be financial freedom. If I can make 6 figures or more, than I'll feel truly successful. Right now, my life isn't in a good place. I hope someday I can look back on this time and use it as a testimony of how I came through hardship.
MichalB Premium
To me, 1st stage of success is to leave the 9-5 job and become able to provide myself and my closest ones with a decent life.

In generally, I love the thought from think and grow rich which goes something like:
Being successful means to get everything from life what one asks for, without violating the rights of others.

In another words, to know what you want and how to get it, along with providing a value for others.

My personal dream is to build a kindergarten somewhere in Africa and/or supply water to place where needed
(I mean close to that kindergarten :) )
littlemama Premium
Being able to do anything without worrying about the cost, that would really be success for me.
michaelvgATN Premium
Awesome question for me because I was just thinking about it.

Success for me isn’t entirely earning money from my business, rather being in the company of millionaires is what I call success!
Scwebu Premium
Persistence and determination until I reach my goal
Cbaxley1 Premium
It's that satisfaction in knowing, with growth from my hard work in becoming someone that cares about others and their needs. To also know, I am debt free and also providing others of what I've learned to get there, so they may live their dreams of a better future for their families.

Success isn't always about the bank roll you have in your wallet, even though I did think this at first.

I know from what I've learned here at WA, that the new way success is supposed to be determined in life, is by your good deeds towards others, then the professionalism of my business will shine through and reach millions in the world, as long as I keep thinking like this and pushing forward into the satisfaction of paying it forward.
Twack Premium
"this isn't about what you want, but what success you have accomplished!"
Might sound 'cheesy' but you asked.
From the age of about sixteen, I wanted my own family. To have children and be able to afford them a better childhood than I had. Both my wife and I shared the same sentiment and we have achieved that.
We will always be 'successful' because of that. Anything else is just 'icing' on the cake.
Vasiliy Premium
I also agree that success is when you achieve your personal goals.
ValerieJoy Premium
Success to me is achievement of individual goals.
JKulk1 Premium
Success to me is learning something new every day. Jim
DeniseAS Premium
Love this, I read a book called The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson, and one of the examples he gives is about a child learning to walk and how eventually we do it without thinking, but along the way we have setbacks until we master walking. Success is the same to me, achieving every small milestone in every part of my life. Tipping the scales constantly in an upward motion, until each successful action becomes a habit.
Have a great day
Tony56pt Premium
Success to me is giving it all you got, and work hard on it as much you can. Your rewards will come later.
magistudios Premium
Damn straight Antonio!

Love it.
Tony56pt Premium
Thanks a lot, Magistudios. Yes, I have been known to be direct and forward in some cases lol.