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JAY'S NOTE: This was an April Fool's Prank! :) Hi Folks,Today I am holding a live Ask me Anything (AMA) on my site. Here is how it works, during the hours of 9am to 4pm (Pacific) today (Friday, Apr 1st) I will be broadcasting live answering your questions live in real time.Please ask your questions in inside the WA chatI wanted to have people from all over the world to be able to ask me questions since they may not be able to attend the live webinars.So, ask me anything today! Here’s the
Hi Folks, People often approach me with the worry that they don’t know how to write good enough for their site or they have a fear of being looked upon as not intelligent with their current writing skills.Well, a recent Princeton study found that using big words often causes people to think you're less intelligent. They basically took a sociology dissertation abstract and created a "simplified" version then asked 35 Stanford undergrads to read the dissertation and rate both the author's i
Hi Folks, I have a love/hate relationship with Affiliate Marketing because of this screenshot.News Flash..There is no such thing as ‘Legally Steal’With shady headlines like this, it creates a constant uphill battle to convince people that affiliate marketing is NOT a deceptive business model.That is the hate part of my relationship with Affiliate Marketing…The love part comes from being able to help people start legitimate affiliate marketing businesses and changing people&rs
Hi Folks, Whenever I am working and am alone, I usually am plugged into my Spotify account listening to music as it helps me focus on what I am doing. I've mentioned this a few times in past WAbinars and have been receiving a few 'what do you listen to?' messages. So.. I thought I would share my playlist.Below is my 'magi' playlist in alphabetical order that I listen to when I am working. Some tunes you may recognize, and some you may not (Gwar!?), but at the end of the day - this stuff helps m
Remember that niche case study we did not too long ago on Football Snack Helmets? Well, today I received an interesting email about it. Here's a screenshot:This TV Producer contact me via email and requested a bunch of Football Snack Helmets for her TV show! I called her back to let her know that she could grab them directly from Amazon via our site. She's Buying 10 of them todayThis goes to show you that with a little effort of niche research, keyword research and SEO - your site can go a lon
With reflection of this past year, I typically get pumped for the next year and begin to build short and long term plans for 2016. Thus why I decided to do some live training on New Years Day on building site authority.I would like to give you some thoughts on how YOU can build your site to become an authoritative figure within your niche. SO, here are 4 tips on how YOU can make 2016 YOUR year.1) Change Your MindsetI am guessing that you are thinking small for your online business. Build your n
The following list is what I use to get my content to rank.1) Research Targeted KeywordLook for keywords that have high search volume and low competition. 2) Research the SERP Competition for Targeted KeywordEven with low competition (from your keyword research), it is important to ensure that your competition isn't too difficult. Have a look at the SERP's and make sure you aren't competing against big players or authority sites.3) Write Content with the Targeted Keyword in MindHave the keyword
Hi Folks,The following is an anthology of the latest WA LIVE Niche Case Study where I took a concept and turned it into a profitable website within 30 days.Niche: Football Snack HelmetsKeyword: football snack helmets (ranked #1)Website: https://footballsnackhelmets.comThe entire case study (4 weeks) was recorded via the live video classes, where I: researched the keywordpurchased the domainbuild the website (using SiteRubix)added contentSEO'd the contentshared the content via social mediamade p
Hi Folks,On October 30 1938, there was a nationwide mass panic that invaders from Mars were coming to Earth and that the world was at war with aliens.This was fused by Orson Wells with a small 60 minute radio show that broadcasted an adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds in a dramatic fashion that made it seem all too real for folks who were listening.Here’s a link to the actual radio broadcast. I urge you to have a listen to this one day:What exactly caused this ma
September 02, 2015
A custom Google+ URL take your profile URL like this: turns it into this: or this get your own fancy pants Google+ URL, your G+ account must meet the following criteria:You have ten or more followers (people who have added you to their circles)You can share your Google+ URL here with other WA membersYour account is at least 30 days oldYour profile has a profile photo of youYour account mu