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Dear You,Congratulations.You are home, at WA for an entire year.I am sure you are very excited now because you have an entire year to train, learn and use everything that is offered to you at Wealthy Affiliate.Now it’s time to get to work.With an entire 12 months of premium access to WA, I think it would be wise to map out a plan on how you will be spending your time here.For example, take the next four weeks and learn everything you can about SEO, Social Media, Content Research, Writing
Before we get into this post, I want you to watch something: watching this, I want you to pay attention to the following:the volume of talent these kids havethe diversity in their agesthe vibe of confidence they haveGo ahead and watch that video and then please come back to this post.. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…||||| OK, you back? Awesome. Yeah, yeah - the music is a wee but intense.But it is a personal favourite song of mine.. but I digress.So,
September 14, 2016
Hi Folks,This Friday September 16th will mark the 200th Live Training Class that I have done here inside of Wealthy Affiliate!I want to thank everyone who has attended live, watched the replays and supported me along the entire journey of broadcasting live within WA.My goal is to keep pushing the envelope with awesome training for you and your online business.HERE'S TO THE NEXT 200 WAbinars!
August 15, 2016
Hi Folks,The following are 8 areas where you can strategically place your targeted keyword for your article.1) Page TitleThis is the actual title of the article.2) Meta TitleThe meta title is shown within the SERP and can be (slightly) different than the page title. This can be controlled with All in One SEO.3) Meta DescriptionThe meta description is shown within the SERP and can be controlled with All in One SEO.4) Above the Fold ContentThis is the content that is seen on the readers screen be
August 14, 2016
Hi Folks, I wanted to stop by and give you some pointers on how to send an awesome PM to someone that would increase the likelihood of a response. 1) Greet ThemIt’s always great to read a ‘Hello, Greetings or Hi’ as it sets the mood for the message.. positive & polite.2) PersonalityAdd some sort of personal element to your message such as who you are and where you’re from. Again, it sets the mood for the message.. positive & polite.3) PatienceThere are several re
Hi Folks,I wanted to share something quickly with you and that is how important being inside of Google+ and how it can affect your sites' SERP.On August 11, 2016 I did the following:Posted an article on my siteFetched as Google inside GWTShared the article inside of Google+ to a specific circle of people that I have.Two days later, when I searched for a related keyword from the article, this showed up.See the author image beside the listing? That is the result of sharing inside of Google+. So,
I have been involved with the online marketing world for over 10 years now and have seen many people here in WA come and go.I have seen success and I have seen failure.In myself and in others.Those who have had success, failed many times and kept goingThose who have had failed, succeeded once and didn’t keep goingOf the two, which were machines?I am referring to the drive that keep you going to push past the failure and not to accept defeat. The drive that turns you into a machine to get
Hi Folks, When you are promoting products using Amazon Associates (Amazon’s affiliate program), be sure to check on the product at least once a month to ensure that the product is still listed on their site. If you notice a dip in traffic or sales, this could be due to the product being delisting or outdated.
Hi Folks, Right now, on YouTube I am building a live niche website. This is totally a spur of the moment thing as I was going to build a website today and thought you would like to join me.If you would like to watch, here is where you can: The official time I am starting is at 12:15pm (Pacific) today (Sunday). Which is in 15 minutes of this post.
There was a rare sighting today of a pale skin Canadian at Waikiki beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.The pale skin Canadian typically migrate to the tropics once in a while and has been known to lay on sandy beaches throughout the day. These migrations are usually funded by obscure niche websites that typically deal with snack bowls. ;) I will keep you updated and let you know if I see any more sightings!