Smash & Grab Profits vs Long Term Profits

Last Update: March 22, 2019

Hi Folks,

Recently I've noticed an abundance of WA success posts that are related to earning profits in a short amount of time. Or at least the titles are eluding to $x amount in x-time.

Congratulations to those who are earning those profits.

But how realistic is this to you?

I can imagine these posts are a great source of inspiration and can potentially amp you up to go out and replicate the same thing. But as the late night TV ads disclose..

Results are not typical

The folks who are sharing these awesome stories of profit have traction behind their businesses, so of course they are going to earn high profits when they:

  • write a post
  • send an email
  • broadcast a webinar
  • sell a website
  • post a video
  • etc.

They have an audience that they have worked hard to build and thus they can justify the Smash & Grab philosophy of Profits.

I am basically writing this short WA post to ensure you go after the Long Term Profits before thinking about any sort of Smash & Grab Profits.

Have a lovely weekend.

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nathaniell Premium Featured Comment
Love the phrase “smash and grab profits”. Sounds like A Warrior Forum product!
Alan Hocking Premium
magistudios Premium
.com lol
SungnyinT Premium
Thank you very much that insightful judgment.

Yes, the true path of real achievement and success, there lies thistles and rocks. But only those with the Mind that sees differently, and with the Heart stronger than the rocks and thistles can break through it, to mine the Gold or other precious substance beneath.

This is the true riches, which is you yourself. The Gold or any other precious substance you get by Work, only reveals or prove the true riches and successful capabilities hidden in you through hard work.

Thanks once again Sir.
SondraM Premium
I agree. I am assuming we are not talking about profits from people that are using paid advertising. Those dry up as soon as the ads stop.

Yet the guys that are really doing awesome are really doing awesome.

Granted, smash and grab understates the amount of work they invested prior to making the sale(s). Months and months and months.

These larger earnings reports are examples of what a seasoned, experienced affiliate marketers that have integrity can make. In other words, they have earned people’s trust.

Thus, someone was willing to purchase a second website for five figures. The first website sold to the buyer met the buyers expectations.

Thus, Jerry had hundreds of people that were looking forward to being able to purchase a reasonably priced training that was in their language.

Yet, about two years ago, Jerry was thrilled to have made his first Amazon sale - $3. He has worked uncommonly hard since 2016 to get to this point.

In 2016, He was working full time in the military and then spent all weekend working on his website. During the week, he read books so he could be learning since he was not allowed to have his computer with him. Once out of the military he worked even harder.

I hope that these guys will inspire more people to focus on doing what it takes to achieve the success they are dreaming of.
NWTDennis Premium
Well stated Sondra.
TheAdvisor Premium
Hey Jay, that was a great point that you made in regards to focusing on the long term kind of results.

It's always better to know that you are making sure that you and your family are set for life for the long run, than to have to celebrate certain achievements that may have a lifespan if you don't stay on top of your business and allow another website to outrank you.

You enjoy your weekend as well, thank you!

Tcheck Premium
hi Jay,at this point i will take any profit ,but i see your point and look at my site as long term, my first site is a TOTAL learning exercise.My next site will be to apply,my new found knowledge, smash and grab = short term .Thanks for the heads up..T.C
RobFore Premium
Plan you work and work the plan. That's what I have found that works well because when I plunk my butt in the seat to move my blogging model forward - research, write, rewrite, publish & promote. ONCE that is done for the day... then maybe we'll go after a smash & grab result or do something to generate cash flow that doesn't necessarily contribute to the long-term model. Good stuff.

The neat thing about a making a nice big SPLASH every now and then is it does give a 'results' story you can leverage for a very long time.
Hudson Premium
Good points Jay. Looking at the training we get here at WA it is instilled in us from the beginning that it will take time to make significant monies or progress. I guess to me these people who make a lot do so after a great deal of time and effort (Jerry Huang is a very good example); so for me I look at these accomplishments in that light. It does encourage me to continue with making my very small business grow or scale as our training indicates we should be able to do. I know if I do that I should be up there with these folks eventually. Have a great weekend.
Barney44 Premium
Thanks for sharing. I have found it rather discouraging to see the “Smash & Grab” WA’ers succeeding so quickly. I often wonder what their income will be in the long run. Brings to mind the small business that comes up with a product or service that does well for a short time, but over the long haul fails.

Wdcope Premium
Jay, You are very correct, yet many may not realize the analogy. In my past experience, I learned that many come in with skill sets unlike others, as well as followers and an audience that after putting a few pieces together can see quicker success. This can motivate many, but it can also do the opposite.
Years ago I saw this happen and still happening today where many come in with a success that contributes to quick program success and results. It looks like since they just came on about the same time why can't we do it syndrome!
Quick flashes can die off as quickly as they happen. In no way am I taking away from those who by sheer determination and self-motivation achieve quick results and are doing everything long term.
In the tortoise and the hare, it seems the hare is winning, winning by a large amount, but the tortoise stays the course and sometimes they win together side by side, and other times the tortoise won and lasted..
Everyone can do this by staying the course putting blinders on and not get sidetracked by the fireworks!
Hope this makes sense.
To everyone's success as it befits them. CONGRAT'S to present and future winners!
MelissaSing1 Premium
Thou shalt not wrest judgment; thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous. Deuteronomy 16:19 Thanks for those words of encouragement.we do all have to be careful. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate Community.
Cherry21 Premium
I will have to keep this post in mind should I get that far along and have not began to profit yet. It is difficulty in today's times because we live in a microwavable society and instant this or that. It has been pushed so much on all of us in the pass 20 years. As well as with the internet itself cutting straight through middle and bring those things down that were once out of reach. The tried a true work ethics is keep moving and fighting the good fight and eventually your reward will come. Thank you for this post it is a great post to bring us back to ourselves.
skmorrow Premium
You hit the nail on the head. It is somewhat inspiring, but also somewhat demoralizing when I read these posts. Like "poof" it just happens. You and I know how much work I have put into my website and after almost 18 months am starting to gain some traction. My eyes are on the long-term, but that can be tough to see I will admit. Thanks Jay!
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Jay, thanks for the great post. The people who are earning money in a short amount of time really are not typical. We have always been told and believe it takes an average of six months to one year to start getting an income. Anything worthwhile is worth working hard to get.
AHost-Madsen Premium
Thank for the reality check, Jay. I am actually reading the live feed and there is a woman who says if she can't make instant money to pay for her trip a few months from now to tell 'the owners' to unsubscribe her. Mind you, she's 80 years old. I guess she was trying to add to her retirement benefits with smash and grab profits
HeidiY Premium
As I said to another member recently if I spend 3-5 years building my business and at that point it's making me a full time wage, and potentially much more, it will all be worth it.

Time is going to pass anyway, what will you do with that time? Will you be in the same position as you are today or will you have changed your destiny?
cld111 Premium
That's exactly what I say. The time's going to pass anyway. Why not do something good with it?

- Christina
HeidiY Premium
12 months ago I refused to be in the same position in a years time, and I'm not. I now have two websites and a solid start to making enough income to work for myself at some point in the future.

I'm not there yet but I am a lot closer today than I was 12 months ago :)
Debs66 Premium
Hi, Jay,

Mine isnt the kind of profit of a smash and grab its more based on thinking outside the box and filling up a damn parking space lol.

Took some time to achieve it and I was lucky enough to source another parking space. However I'd rather build fluffy pink websites than one for a cold hard parking space lol.

(That's in the local sector. So it might have no place here in this thread.)

However on my Affiliate website. Heck yes there is a long process to go through. Hence, I love your Live Wabinars Jay. I hope my businesses turn into life time profitable businesses.

I am looking at a lifetime goal. Something I can leave behind for my kids even, so they can carry on building. One never knows.

Anyway's I need to stay ahead with stuff to keep me in the loop. It's always a learning process for sure.

If I follow and trust the process then heck yeah I am gonna succeed on the affiliate side of things too. For a very long time to come, I hope.

Hard work always pays off and hard work it is. Well for me anyways.

I think also that's why I love how Grace works she does it with honesty and integrity and we know she did it with damn hard work!

It didn't just fall into her lap easy. It took her time and tons of hours for sure!

Thank you Jay. :)
Debs :)
Peshkats Premium
I agree rome wasn't built in a day. Thanks Jay!
barry0z Premium
Thanks, Jay for advice. Have a lovely weekend.
SaoriKonish1 Premium
Good one. I also believe in a long & steady growth with long term profits!
CandP Premium
Thanks for the reminder Jay, but it's still good to see those success stories.
Colette and Philip
Of course you're correct Jay.

Success stories are great inspiration.

Ya! But...

We need to remember where we are in the training and that perspiration got those affiliates where they are today.

There are some affiliates still looking for overnight successes and it's not going to happen just likr that.

Thank you for keeping all of us on track with your straight from the cuff Friday night webinars.

Looking forward to the webinar this evening.

Blessings always
EddySalomon Premium
Exactly. But long term money isn't as sexy Jay. I want fast and quick money now. Lol But seriously thanks for reminding people of this. It's nice to hear these success stories but I feel it sends the wrong message to newbies.
RodneyJr Premium
Hey Jay, I wasn't sure if you got my last message but I wanted to try to clarify again that I wasn't trying to make it out like you owe me anything I was just trying to get some clarification regarding a tutorial, I wasn't trying to come off as mean spirited or anything like that.

Also, I was trying to make as much sense as I possibly could when I was explaining it but I was sort of having trouble explaining it.

I was wondering if you'd be available to help me out with something regarding the woocommerce store, I was having trouble adding the other modes of payment like visa, mastercard etc; I added the paypal mode of payment, I just got stuck at that part.

Again, my sincerest of apologies if my earlier response came off kind of ugly, I didn't mean for it to and as people here know, they know I'm not like that.
magistudios Premium
Best thing to do is contact Woocommerce support as they will help you better than I can.
RodneyJr Premium
Thanks Jay
susannah184 Premium
Slow and steady wins the race. Right?
lesabre Premium
Thank you Jay
neilc Premium
I've seen a lot of sales funnel builders and email marketers doing "the smash and grab" approach, especially when it comes to new affiliate product launches + contests, and sharing their huge results in FB groups. They're like a bunch of crazy cats! Lol.

It's exciting to see! However, I often wonder whether it's coz they can and wanna "cash in" for the sake of it (also aiming to trump their competitors earnings) or actually wanna provide more VALUE, or a combination of the two.
RDulloo Premium
Absolutely! What we have to always keep in mind is that these successful people had to work for it to be able to make that kind of money today. So we also have to start where they started. There is no shortcut and no going around the work.
Calh60 Premium
Thanks Jay, great advice!

LornaF Premium
A timely warning! Thank you!
CowboyJames Premium
Thanks Jay. See you later!
Cav1966 Premium
Plus dont forget the smash and grab can get you caught up in watery muck that is hard to regain traction from.. Especially when first starting out and you are new. Roope,Little Mama,Dylan countless others have put in 100's if not thousands of thing they all have in common they STAYED THE COURSE FIRST AND FORMOST
Skydancer1 Premium
Great advise.

Thanks for the info
keishalina9 Premium
*** Yabut -- just kiddin' ya! ...

..... after your Live Show later -- do enjoy a beautiful weekend ahead!

.... and thanks kindly for all your sharing, cheerio .. ☘ ...